Success For The New Midweek Format And A Substantial Increase InInternational Visitor Numbers757 Exhibitors From 45 Countries, 6 NationalCollectives

**** ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL 2019 organised by BolognaFiere with the support ofASSALCO (National Association of Producers of Pet Food and Pet Care Products)and ANMVI (National Association of Italian Veterinary Doctors) concluded its18th edition registering a considerable increase in attendance and exhibitorsnumbers, which totalled 757 including foreign exhibitors from 45 differentcountries. The presence of six national collectives highlighted the growinginternationalisation of the event. New features this year were thecollaborations with different associations and with coordinators of foreigncollectives, the organisation of Focus sessions for in-depth examination ofdifferent markets and business opportunities relating to the USA, Canada,Russia, UK, China, India and the Czech Republic.

“The Pet market is one that has evolved over the years,” explained AntonioBruzzone , General Manager of BolognaFiere , “The growing attention forcare and wellbeing of our pets finds a detailed and thorough response in theoffer from businesses that exhibited at Zoomark International this year, avery wide spectrum of the very best the international pet industry has tooffer. Among the particular strengths of this edition were the 20 plusconventions, workshops and meetings for the various categories and operatorswho were able to benefit from professional training and enjoy an overview ofthe main innovations, market research and strategies for success inimports/exports. There was an excellent response from exhibitors and visitorsto the calendar change, which now focuses the event in the first four days ofthe working week rather than taking place over a weekend, a decision thatcontributed further to the increase in numbers and quality profile of foreignvisitors to the event. Zoomark underlined its credentials as the leading eventin Europe: a huge exhibition platform that once more this year attracted aconsiderable number of buyers, over 40% of whom came from abroad, a proportion23% higher than the previous edition in 2017.

“We are satisfied with the progress of products for pet care, a compartmentthat continues to show that it is one of the most dynamic in Italy,” commentedGianmarco Ferrari, President of ASSALCO , “The positive trend recorded forthe pet food sector for cats and dogs is in step with the growing care andattention that Italians are showing towards for their pets. Industrial foodsare now recognised as the most practical and convenient solution to nourishour pets safely and with a complete and balanced diet.”

A key moment was the presentation on the opening day of the 2019 ASSALCO-Zoomark Report that provided important data about the market. The reportoutlined that in 2018 the market for cat and dog food products reached abusiness volume of 2,082 million euros, an increase of +1.5% compared with theprevious year and a rate of growth far superior for packaged mass consumptiongoods (+0.01% in 2018). Furthermore, the ASSALCO-Zoomark Report presented theDoxa study of the perceptions of the Italian population in relation to pets,their presence and role in families and society, with an in-depth examinationof aspects concerning owners’ relationships with their pets.

“We consider the 2019 edition of Zoomark International an extremely high-levelevent both in terms of the exhibition offer and the professionalqualifications of the operators attending,” commented Antonio Manfredi,Director of ANMVI. “There were also numerous initiatives taking place,including, for our sector, the Convention dedicated to electronic veterinaryprescriptions that attracted a substantial audience of professionals keen tostay up-to-date.”

ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL placed great emphasis on the new and innovative productspresented by exhibitors, with 400 of these on display for a numerous andenthusiastic public. Around 40% of the

products concern pet food, a sector in which innovation is a key factor. Newformulas are ever more finely calibrated to meet animals’ nutritionalrequirements with ingredients selected for their organoleptic characteristics,high quality and to cater to animals’ specific needs (for example free fromallergens, vegan, grain free, with particular functions or for nutritionalpurposes to treat specific pathologies).

Design is becoming increasingly sophisticated, shapes and materials ever morerefined and of greater quality. The technology applied to the development ofproducts is being put to the service of animals and their owners in order tooffer the utmost in comfort, for example with pet beds made in highlyinsulating and comfortable materials, orthopaedic beds and cushions made ofmemory foam, moments for recreation (interactive toys), protection andsecurity with collars equipped with GPS and/or electronic recognition nametags, and high visibility systems for use in the dark.

In the animal care section (hygiene and medical products) the focus was ondelicate formulas and homeopathic and Ayurvedic approaches, while the firstproducts made from CBD were also presented.

In the pet litter sector there were new, vegetable-based solutions made fromnew sources that respect the environment.

In general, there was growing interest in organic products and raw materials,sustainable production cycles and recyclable packaging.

A special Initiative at Zoomark was the Aqua Project, created to showcase theaquarium industry and directly involve companies from the sector. A largecentral area was set up with tanks of exceptional size, a pond and theexhibitors’ own aquariums, in order to recreate diverse habitats andecosystems and present the latest technological innovations. The aim was to“think outside of the box” and showcase the great versatility of aquariumsequipped with modern technology in order to create versions that are unusualand surprising in their simplicity. This area was particularly popular witharchitects and professionals interested in incorporating water features intotheir projects.

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