In recognition of World Veterinary Day on 25 April, the Department ofAgriculture, Water and the Environment is celebrating the vital contributionthat veterinarians make to Australian agriculture.

Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Mark Schipp, said World VeterinaryDay is a time to recognise the longstanding dedication of this profession tosafeguarding animal and human health.

“Australia’s veterinarians improve the welfare of our animals, theproductivity of our farms and the well-being of Australians,”
Dr Schipp said.

“Veterinarians fill a wide variety of essential roles, from directly treatinganimals to undertaking research, disease surveillance and food safetyinspection.

“They also support agricultural trade by negotiating with trading partners andprotecting our borders from biosecurity threats.

“Earlier this year our veterinarians stepped up in response to bushfiresleading treatment of livestock and wildlife.

“The continuing work of veterinarians has been particularly important duringthe COVID-19 pandemic. This includes veterinarians involved in research.

“The Australian government recently announced a $230 million funding boost forCSIRO’s Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness, formerly known as theAustralian Animal Health Laboratory.

“The funding will assist veterinarians and other scientists in efforts todevelop a human vaccine against COVID-19. It will also support theircontinuing work in identifying, preventing and responding to the increasingthreat of diseases, including those spreading from animals to humans.

“The first-stage testing of potential vaccines against COVID-19 has alreadycommenced.

“Veterinarians, in conjunction with the Australian Veterinary Association,have also played an important role in providing clear information aboutCOVID-19 virus to the owners of pets and other animals in Australia.

“All of our lives have been impacted by Covid-19, however maintaining animalwelfare and food production amidst COVID-19 disruptions is critical andimportant to all Australians.

“The continued dedication of veterinarians has ensured that these have beenprotected, and the world-leading reputation of Australia’s food productionsystem remains as strong as ever.”

Fast Facts

  • The spread of the COVID-19 virus is being driven by person-to-person contact. There is no evidence that people can catch COVID-19 virus from their animals.
  • Find out more about the important work CSIRO are doing here: Media Release: CSIRO upgrading world class facility to fight diseases like coronavirus

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