Woa21 is an event for professional aquariums and hobbyist alike. Woa21 aims tocreate a community for all like minded individuals involved in the aquariumindustry

Being an international platform we want to create a space where aquariumprofessionals and hobbyists can share information and their passion for fishkeeping. There are few international forums available for aquarium enthusiastsand hobbyists to learn about the industry. It’s also a great platform to seesome of the latest equipment and accessories available to the industry.

Our conference will provide an interactive and dynamic platform for delegatesto hear from international experts on the latest trends, market informationand technology. Delegates will be able to interact during live paneldiscussions. Delegates will also receive an e-book with conference abstractsfor future reference.

More information – https://woa21.navus.io/991/page/home

See Speakers – https://woa21.navus.io/speakers

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