Running from Friday 1 to Thursday 7 October, Be Kind to Animals Week is a timeto reflect on the importance of being kind to animals and demonstrate howsimple acts of kindness can have an enormous impact on all the furred,feathered, fleeced, and finned beings we share this planet with.

Now in its eleventh year, Be Kind to Animals Week is hoping to exceed 5,000pledges. This involves a commitment to eat kind by choosing to dine on plant-based recipes for the week, and can be extended to shop and live kind too.

To support participants in their pledge, Edgar’s Mission, a not-for-profitsanctuary for rescued farmed animals who started the Be Kind to Animals Weekcampaign back in 2010, is sending out free Kindness Kits along with dailyemails filled with plant-based recipe inspiration and other kindness tips.Edgar’s Mission is also offering the chance to win a hamper full of ethicalgoodies.

This year, a number of Australian household names have come on board asofficial ambassadors for Be Kind to Animals Week to throw their support behindthe week-long pledge, including DJ, producer, and wellness enthusiast, DaraHayes (aka DJ Tigerlily).

“Research has proven that animals feel pain and emotions, share languages,family bonds, and rituals,” Dara says. “They are just as deserving of ourkindness. Switching to a plant-based lifestyle was the best decision I haveever made. It is empowering to be a voice for the voiceless and to live a lifethat is causing no cruelty or harm to other beings. It costs nothing to bekind.”

Joining Dara is actress Jet Tranter, sisters and fashion designers Jess andStef Dadon, athlete and “Today, after lots of love and care, she is a happyand very affectionate sheep. It just goes to show the power of kindness, andit also speaks to the range of emotions all animals feel, no matter what theylook like.”

Pam adds that Be Kind to Animals Week is a great opportunity to stop and thinkabout how being kinder can improve our own lives, animals’ lives and theworld.

In addition to reflecting on the simple choices we make every day, includingwhat we eat and the products we use, Be Kind to Animals Week aims to show themany ways people can make a positive impact on animals’ lives.

“You can support your favourite animal welfare charity by volunteering ordonating, organise a beach or park clean up, leave water out for localwildlife and so much more.”

During the week, Pam will also be doing a series of virtual library talks andwill also host two live virtual tours from the sanctuary through Edgar’sMission’s Facebook page.

Be Kind to Animals Week Library Talk Series with Pam Ahern:

Wednesday, 15 September: Virtual talk and tour from the sanctuary on Edgar’sMission Facebook, 2pm AEST

Friday 1, October: Romsey Public Library,10.30am*

Friday 1, October: Virtual talk and tour from the sanctuary on Edgar’s MissionFacebook, 2pm AEST

Saturday 2, October: Woodend Public Library, 10.30am*

Tuesday 5, October: Virtual talk and tour from the sanctuary on Edgar’sMission Facebook, 2pm AEST

Wednesday 6, October: Gisborne Public Library, 4pm*

*Library talks currently being rescheduled to Zoom, details still to be finalised.

Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary is a not-for-profit haven for rescued farmedanimals with a vision for a humane and just world for all. Set on 153peaceable acres near Lancefield, Victoria (Australia), about 60 km north ofMelbourne, it rescues and provides sanctuary to animals in need, currentlyproviding lifelong love and care to between 400 to 500 rescued animals at anygiven time. Through education, outreach, advocacy, community enrichment andsanctuary tours, it encourages people to expand their circle of compassion toinclude all animals.

“If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’twe?”

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