While it may seem the most obvious reason to place you pet in boarding isbecause a family is going away for a holiday, the reality is that there aremany different reasons that people use a Pet Boarding or Doggie Day Careservice. So, what are some of the reasons you might need to look at using aPet Care Facility?

**Going away on holidays!

This is without a doubt always the best reason for families! Everyone needs abreak, and when the humans head away for some much-needed rest and relaxation,their pets often need someone to look after them. Choosing a pet resort thatyou trust will give you peace of mind that you pet will be safe, secure andgiven plenty of love while you are away from home.

  1. House Inspections

Sometimes, a rental inspection will happen when you cannot be there, and manyfamilies feel it is safer not to rely on others to ensure that their pet iskept secure during the period of an inspection. This is a similar scenariowhen it comes to selling a home and having the ongoing disruption of houseinspections happening repetitively for prospective buyers. Booking your petinto your local pet care facility, either for boarding or even just Doggie DayCare, will ensure that they are kept safe, occupied, and give you peace ofmind that they will not be affected.

  1. Hospital Visits

Hospital visits are unavoidable! This could happen for any number of reasons,some predictable and others urgent and unpredictable. Knowing where you wouldleave you pet in the event of something occurring without any warning willgive you so much more peace of mind when the unavoidable happens. Even if youthink you will never need to go, be prepared for the unexpected! Go and meetyour local pet care facilities, decide which one would best suit your furryfriends, and save their details for a rainy day!

  1. Home renovations

Planned or unplanned, home renovations and work can cause havoc to your dailyroutine! Your pets will feel it too, no doubt, with so much going on whichwill no doubt interrupt their usual nap times. Aside from the disruption,which can be stressful or many pets, there is the added worry of keeping yourpets secure when there are tradespeople coming and going for extended periodsof time. Give you pet some time away from home in an environment where theycan relax, play and rest could be the best thing for them.

  1. Work rosters

Those who work unpredictable hours, long shifts, or shift workers will oftenneed to seek some care arrangements for their pets from time to time. Not onlydoes it ensure that you pets are not left alone for extended periods of time,but it provides the furkids with some much needed enrichment in their dailylives while their favorite humans are away at work.

  1. Silly Seasons and Festivities

We only need to look to the many different Lost and Found Facebook pages inevery single region of Australia, to see how often pets escape their homeboundaries! One of the things that sets off so many pets is the noise fromfireworks during various festivities that happen all year around.Additionally, just the change to a household routine during holiday seasonswhere there are many different visitors coming, parties happening and peoplestaying can be enough to make families pets feel unsettled. Giving them sometime to themselves by having their own holiday at your favorite Pet Hotel, orDoggie Day Care, is the answer!

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