The start of 2021 has proven to be a very busy time for the APCA. For ourmembers, the peak season was highly anticipated over the Christmas and NewYear period, providing much needed relief as people travelled at last andbooked pets in for holidays.

Communications and Legislation Changes

We started the year off having submitted out response to Animal WelfareVictoria’s Directions Paper regarding the changes to the Animal Welfare Actand having the opportunity to discuss with the Legislation Reform Team ourposition. Following these discussions, we have been added to the list ofcontacts for further consultation opportunities with this Team, and also tothe Domestic Animals Team for future reform communications.

Brand New Members Only Resources!

We have also been adding to our exclusive Members Only section on the websitesince it’s introduction late in 2020, and have some big plans for moreadditions to be added as valuable resources to our members throughout 2021.

Communications with Parliament linking Pet Care and Tourism

During January and February, we Association concentrated on contacting allrelevant Members of Parliament to introduce the important fact that the PetCare industry is directly linked to the Travel and Tourism industries. Thiscame as a surprise to many of the teams that we spoke with, and from that wewere able to give them some insight into our small industry sector and theways in which we are still affected from the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is toensure that there is ongoing communication and consultation opportunities nowwith all of these government bodies when it comes to future support for thetravel and tourism sectors and ensure that the Pet Care industry is recognisedas part of that support.

What’s next?

Over the coming months, and with the help of many of our amazing members whohold a wealth of knowledge, we will be developing various training andinformation resources for our members to enjoy. We also plan to formalise asub-committee to work on supporting our members, assisting with ongoingdiscussions with various government representatives, and keeping our localcommunities up to date with all of the important things happening relevant totheir family pets.

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