The Australian Pet Care Association (APCA), formally known as the Associationof Pet Boarding and Grooming (APBG) has a long history within the pet careindustry. Originally established in 1992, the association was established by agroup of independent boarding kennel operators who were passionate aboutworking together to see advancements in the industry.

The Association is now primarily focused on providing members with essentialinformation, help and support to assist businesses with operating theirbusinesses efficiently and effectively. Here are a few recent recommendationsfrom our amazing members, who have joined us to collaborate with like-mindedpeople and see progress being made within our industry. See what they aresaying, and consider joining us!

Avery – AAA Pet Resort

“I would like to thank the pet care association for the commitment anddedication to our industry. Every business small or large should be a memberwhich in turn supports our industry. The work that our volunteering committeedoes and has done over the years is amazing. There efforts help shape thefuture of our much-loved industry. We all grow by association, the more youcontribute the larger the return. Just by being an active member you have yourown mastermind group.”

Palmer – Cawarral Boarding Kennels

__ “We joined the association before we had finished building our kennels………the support we received from the group was invaluable to us as novices tothe industry. Ask any question and there were always heaps of responses fromthose with experience in the industry.”

R and M Gateley – Eureka Boarding Kennels and Cattery

“Meg and I have been in business’s for the past 40 years and a major plus isthe meeting and networking with like-minded people. The Association providesthe platform and has been of great value to our current and future success.

Meeting and networking with like-minded people. The Association provides theplatform and has been of great value to our current and future success.”

Glenn Elin – Animal World Pet Resorts

“I have been a member of this Association for around 20 years and would nothave achieved the success we have enjoyed in our businesses without it. Theknowledge, help and assistance we receive and share from being a member ispriceless.

The value of the listing on the Association website alone is worth far morethan the membership fee. If you are a professional pet care provider inAustralia, you should join.”

Mackay – Northshore Pet Resort

“The Association has been an amazing source of information and support for ourbusiness for many years. Now is the time to be driving change in Australia, inthe areas of Pet Care. The Association members are all passionate aboutimproving the standard of care for Domestic Pets in Australian, and the APCAhas been a driving force in collaborating with Government agencies and otherAssociations to provide accurate information on how the various changes willaffect the pet care industry.”

Mai Walton, Pawz N Clawz Pet Accommodation

“I can certainly recommend joining the APCA. I have been a member for manyyears now. APCA has many active members who are lovely and helpful to talk to,they are always helpful online and always up for a chat. Ideas are alwayslistened to and thrown around and all members have been a godsend even just tovent to during COVID craziness. It has not been easy in our industry but it’snice having people in the same boat who understand your situation. They havealso been fantastic at lobbying the government on several issues our industryfaces that are quite unique to our forgotten little industry. We don’t really“fit” anywhere under government headings, but work is being done to changethat.”

Joe and Helen Mhelac – Chandler Boarding Kennels

“We would like to take the opportunity to complement the committee of theAustralian Pet care Association and whoever designed the Associations Website.Countless times over the Xmas New Year period we referred callers to theWebpage. Suggesting they check out all the Kennels in the area and those onthe way or where they intended to travel. Having all the good kennels on theone Page is very helpful. Many rang back or emailed to thank us for thesuggestion.”

Stanley – Alidas Pet Resort

“The “APCA” formerly known to us as the” APBG” has been a blessing to me forinformation, for support, and a great feeling of you are not on your own whenproblem comes to a head. I will highly recommend anyone to join.”

Janice Garwood – Nanango Pet Motel

“My husband and I have been members of The Australian Pet Care Association,although the name has changed over the years, ever since we joined the petcare industry over 20 years ago. We bought a small kennel at Nanango in theSouth Burnett, full of enthusiasm and energy. Over the years there have beenlots of happy times, but occasionally you can come up against brick walls. Atthese times it has been comforting to know that the committee and fellowmembers have always been there with great advice and a shoulder to lean on. Atone of my lowest points Glenn Elin (another member of the Association) got inhis car and drove up here to help, he probably does not realise it, butbecause of him, we are still in the industry today.

During the last twelve months when Covid has made our lives hell, and ourbusinesses very quiet, there has been constant suggestions and informationcoming our way from the Association. Feels good to know that you are not onyour own.

I would recommend that anyone in the Pet Care Industry be a member of theAustralian Pet Care Association, you will be kept up to date with latest rulesand regulations, and you won’t be on your own.”

Who can join?

Membership categories have now been expanded to include 4 differentcategories, which range from a full member all the way through to those whoare joining as an Advocate of our association. The various membership levelscan be found at the following links, and we encourage every person who has, oris associated with, pet boarding, doggie day care or dog training, to join oneof these membership levels.

Joining the APCA at any level will make a huge different in the driving forcetowards seeing real change it the Pet Care Industry.

To read about membership inclusions, go to:

Membership Inclusions

To join, go to:

Membership Application

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