According to the poll by Australia’s leading pet services platform, PetCloud,60 per cent of people said they would trust a politician more if they owned adog.

The poll of around 1000 people also found that a smaller percentage ofAustralians (7 per cent) would feel better about a politician if they were acat person.

PetCloud CEO Deb Morrison, whose toy cavoodle Milly has met with severalpoliticians including former PM Malcolm Turnbull (see attached pic), believesanyone who owns a dog is instantly more trustworthy as it takes a lot of loveand effort to care for a pooch.

“When you think about a dog, they are generally happy, friendly and loving,which can be a reflection of their owner. They are also loyal and a wonderfulcompanion that brings out the best in us. In return, we shower them with love,take them for walks and give them treats – whatever is necessary to care forthem and make them happy,” she said.

“Dogs also seem to be able to sense when someone is untrustworthy so if theyhave deemed their owner a caring and reliable person, then we’re more likelyto see them that way as well.”

According to the latest statistics, dogs are the most common pet in Australiawith pet dogs (approx 5 million) residing in more than a third of Aussiehouseholds.

Like Airbnb, TripAdvisor and UBER for pets – PetCloud enables more Australiansto enjoy the companionship of a pet even when they are time-poor or travel alot, like politicians, with a raft of services including pet sitting, housesitting, dog walking, doggy day care and pet taxis available on the app andwebsite.

Both Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese own dogs, which should bring a bitmore trust to the next election, according to this poll.

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