“This is easily hot enough to cause damage to paws”

One Swansea-based vet has shared a shocking thermometer reading showing justhow hot pavements and paths get in the scorching sun, urging owners to takecare when walking their dogs.

Posting on Facebook, St James Veterinary Group issued a reminder to petparents that walking dogs on searingly hot pavements can result in seriousburns to their paws. Their image, which has been shared over 1,300 times,showed a pavement temperature reading of 38.2C at 4pm — much higherthan the ambient level.

Their post read: “This is easily hot enough to cause damage to paws. We wantedto remind owners that with the hot weather we’re having it is very importantto keep your pets cool. Dogs should only be walked either very early morningor later in the evening when temperatures are at their coolest.

“For overweight or brachycephalic (Pugs, Frenchies, Bulldogs etc) dogs it isbest to not exercise them at all and to ensure they are kept cool at alltimes. Cats and other animals should have plenty of access to water andshade.”

If you’re heading out on a walk with your dog during a heatwave, make sure tocheck if it’s safe first. While it’s important dogs stretch their legs, thehot weather can make it unsafe for our pups to head out. Not sure how to checkif it’s too hot? Why not use the ‘seven-second’ test before stepping outsidewith your pet.

Simply hold your hand on the pavement for seven seconds. If it is too hot tohold it there for the full seven seconds, then it is too hot for your dog towalk on.

Keeping your pup cool in the heatwave is vital. Some of the practical ways youcan do this include:

  • Letting them cool down in a lake
  • Add ice cubes to their water bowl (and always take water on a walk in summer)
  • Place a wet cloth on their neck, armpits, and between the hind legs
  • Get your hands on a cooling mat
  • Letting them play in a pet-friendly paddling pool
  • Head to the vet if you are worried about their heat levels

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