The flooding emergency across NSW means that not only families are needingrescuing, but their beloved pets too. Australian animal welfare charity, VetsBeyond Borders (VBB), played a vital role in the deployment of veterinaryvolunteers in the Black Summer fires of 2020 and are on standby once again forthe NSW flood emergency.

VBB’s Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team (AVERT) is ready towork alongside partners RSPCA NSW and the Animal Welfare League of NSW (AWL-NSW) to provide support to the pets of families displaced by the current floodemergency. AVERT volunteer veterinary professionals are also well positionedto assist communities with livestock, horses, and any injured wildlife caughtup in the disaster event.

“During these times of crisis, families endure a great amount of hardship andgrief, compounded with the uncertainty of when they may be able to return totheir properties. Our volunteers can assist with basic husbandry, care, andany veterinary support that families may require for pets and livestock” saidDr Sally Colgan CEO of Vets Beyond Borders.

“We’re on standby to provide support to the Castle Hill evacuation centre, andwe’re gearing up to board the AWL-NSW Mobile Vet Truck, which is preparing toprovide vital support to the disaster affected communities in the mid-northcoast of NSW”, Dr Colgan explains.

“AVERT comprises almost 2000 vets and vet nurses across Australia ready tohelp out in times of crisis. The veterinary profession is incrediblyempathetic and the ability to dig deep and turn up day after day to help outis such an admirable quality. Our volunteers are amazing” said Dr Colgan.

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