As the bushfires ravaging many parts of Australia are having wide ranging anddevastating impacts on local communities, Australia-based international animalcharity Vets Beyond Borders highlights the serious impact of the continuingdisaster on animal populations.

VBB’s Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team (AVERT) is assistinggovernment authorities with animal evacuations and providing care to animalsimpacted by the fires.

“Countless animals, both domesticated species and wildlife, have died – we cannot bring them back. However, Australians can and will do all we can to carefor survivors, especially sick and injured animals,” said VBB Director Dr IanDouglas. “Governments in affected states are responding as fast as they can tothe crisis and have deployed veterinarians and allied staff to the fire-grounds. VBB is working with this government response and is providingauthorities with appropriately experienced veterinary volunteers from AVERT toassist in this work.”

Many hundreds of vets and vet nurses have registered to volunteer with AVERT,with more offers of assistance pouring in every day, from Australia andoverseas.

“We sincerely thank everyone who has responded to our call for volunteers. Thegenerosity of the veterinary profession is an inspiration” said Dr Douglas.

VBB assistance for wildlife rescue groups

In addition to the government-coordinated effort, VBB is also offering supportto wildlife rescue groups struggling to provide care to wildlife.

“Whilst VBB is already assisting in government responses through provision ofAVERT volunteers, we are also positioned provide direct support toorganisations that will be inundated with sick and injured wildlife,” said DrDouglas.

VBB is already assisting Adelaide Koala Rescue in South Australia, providingveterinary volunteers to assist them in their work following recent fires inAdelaide Hills.

“We are now contacting groups in other affected regions, to offer the servicesof our veterinary volunteers and provide financial support to enable thepurchase of veterinary supplies, mainly analgesics (pain killing medications),burns dressings, rehydrating fluids and antibiotics. We are keen to hear fromorganisations that would like the assistance of VBB,” he said.

Animal rescue groups in need of help are asked to contact Vets Beyond Borderson [email protected] Veterinarians, vet nurses and other veterinarypersonnel willing to join the AVERT team, are asked register interest via–

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