Vetafarm has launched Parrot B-Calm, a complete parrot diet formulated byavian veterinarians, that provides balanced nutrition and supports thereduction of stress and anxiety with natural ingredients.

Dr Tony Gestier, Avian Veterinarian and Director of Vetafarm, said that ParrotB-Calm is the world’s first complete parrot calming diet.

“While there are pet bird calming supplements on the market, Parrot B-Calmpellets are the only complete diet that has calming effects and provides therest of their nutrition as well,” he said.

Made with the amino acid L-Tryptophan – a natural precursor for the synthesisof serotonin in the brain – the non-drowsy and non-sedative action is balancedwith fresh Australian whole grains, vitamins, minerals, and turmeric tosupport your bird’s health and wellbeing.

Pet birds become stressed for a range of reasons and show signs of theirstress and anxiety in sometimes life-threatening ways.

Symptoms of stress in birds include excessive screaming/vocalisation, over-preening/cleaning or plucking feathers, walking around the cage incessantly,doing somersaults (head flips), flattening their feathers and trembling, orother behaviours that are out of the ordinary.

Moulting, mating, over handling and changes to environment or routine, such asa new baby or pet, can also cause stress in parrots. Plus, a poor diet, lackof exercise or even interrupted or insufficient sleep can trigger stress.

Vetafarm’s resident parrot trainer Carmen McGill has been working with birdsfor more than 30 years and rescue parrot Miranda was the worst rehabilitationcase she had ever seen. The beautiful Macaw had been severely traumatised by abigger and stronger male bird, did not trust anyone, and could not fly.

McGill spent three years rehabilitating Miranda, which took a lot of patience,love, tears, and determination. And halfway through Miranda’s rehabilitation,McGill began trialling Parrot B-Calm.

“Within a week I could clearly see a difference,” she said. “Parrot B-Calmtook the edge off – it wasn’t making her sleepy, just more relaxed.

“Of course, behavioural training is still required as Parrot B-Calm is not a‘fix all’ but an aid for birds who are stressed and anxious,” she added.

Parrot B-Calm is available in major pet retail stores now.

Miranda (right) pictured with her boyfriend Ares (left)

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