The operators of one of South Australia’s biggest dairy farms fear they arebeing targeted by animal liberationists after a shed was torched on theproperty.

Nearby residents say they heard a series of loud explosions coming from theshed just before the fire started early on Friday morning.

The property’s owners awoke to burnt ruins of a shed, tractor and tonne offeed at the Minko North dairy farm.

Neighbours say a car was heard speeding away from the scene just moments afterthe flames broke out.

Police and the farm’s owner, Mike Borema, say they have no doubt the attackwas the work of an arsonist.

Farm on ‘attack map’

The farm, near Two Wells, has been identified on animal rights charity AussieFarm’s ‘attack map’.

The map has been described on the group’s website as a “comprehensive list ofall factory farms, slaughterhouses and other animal exploitation facilitiesacross Australia”.

At other properties on the list, activists have trespassed and stolenlivestock.

John Elferink from the South Australian Dairy Farmers Association said peopleshould be “able to go about their business without being unfairly targeted”.

The arson attack at the Minko North dairy farm is not the first time the farmhas been targeted.

About six weeks ago someone opened the farm’s gates, releasing hundreds ofcows.

Borema has since put locks on gates and will soon install security cameras.

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