VCA Charities has partnered with multiple organizations raising money forveterinary care of animals affected by wildfires

VCA Charities, along with the national network of VCA Animal Hospitals, hasjoined with international non-profits to provide financial assistance toprovide veterinary care to pets and animals injured by the wildfires inAustralia. VCA Charities has pledged donations to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide,RSPCA Australia and the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA). To date, morethan $180,000 has been raised to benefit veterinary care for animals affectedby Australia’s devastating wildfires.

“VCA Charities is donating $50,000 to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospitalthrough Wildlife Warriors Worldwide to help koalas, flying foxes and manyother animals affected by the bushfires, drought and human impact,” said BindiIrwin, Wildlife Warriors Worldwide. “We are also preparing for conservationefforts that will be needed for years to come. On behalf of all the animals wewill continue to care for, thank you to VCA Charities for supporting ourwork.”

Wildlife Warriors Worldwide supports the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital thathas been working around the clock on affected animals: treating them;rehabilitating them and preparing for the conservation efforts that will beneeded when the fires end. These funds will go directly to veterinary care ofthe koala patients that were affected by the fires, veterinary care for theskyrocketing intake of burned and affected Flying Foxes and to start theefforts of rebuilding their populations and habitats across the country wherethese animals need to live.

A $50,000 donation is being made to the RSPCA Australia, who are mobilizingacross the country with their staff, volunteers and resources to provideassistance wherever it is needed to affected animals. RSPCA members want tokeep their animals safe and have provided much-needed equipment, supplies aswell as emergency care and boarding, where available. Across Australia, theRSPCA will continue its work alongside government and emergency agencies,veterinarians and local authorities to help identify and assess injuredanimals affected by the crisis.

To support veterinarians and help them provide veterinary care to affectedanimals, VCA Charities will match up to $50,000 in donations raised by theAmerican Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) on behalf of the AVA’sBenevolent Fund. The entire amount will go to the AVA to support ongoingveterinary care for affected animals and provide financial aid toveterinarians who volunteer their services and provide medical supplies forpets and animals injured by the devastating wildfires.

“So many people want to help the animals in Australia who have been displacedand injured by the devastating wildfires,” said Brandon Antin, Vice Presidentof Corporate Affairs at VCA Animal Hospitals. “VCA Charities has stepped up toprovide a trusted venue that gives VCA clients and the public an opportunityto support the overwhelming veterinary needs of pets and wildlife whoseenvironment has been impacted and destroyed. Additional funds will bedistributed over the next few months to provide further veterinary resourcesto pets, wildlife and veterinarians affected by this crisis.”

About VCA Charities

VCA Charities is a 501(c)(3) with a mission to inspire and nurture pets andtheir people to triumph over challenges and thrive together. Established in2005 by the founders of VCA Animal Hospitals, VCA Charities helps to feedthousands of pets, provide access to expert veterinary care, and supportanimal welfare organizations globally. Please visit the VCA Charities websiteto find the most up-to-date information about VCA Charities and its programsat

About VCA Animal Hospitals

VCA Animal Hospitals operates more than 920 small animal veterinary hospitalsin the U.S., Canada and Japan. The hospitals are staffed by more than 4,500fully qualified, dedicated and compassionate veterinarians to give pets thevery best in medical care, of which over 600 are board certified specialistswho are experts in areas such as oncology, cardiology, emergency and criticalcare, and surgery for animals. VCA Animal Hospitals provides a full range ofgeneral practice services to keep pets well and specialized treatments whenpets are ill. As part of the Mars, Inc. family of brands, VCA is committed toits purpose—A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS®.

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