Australia’s smallest eagle, the Little Eagle, has now been listed as aVulnerable species in Victoria. Its conservation status was uplisted recently,having previously being classified as Least Concern under the state’s Floraand Fauna Guarantee Act.

Despite being one of Australia’s most widespread species of raptor, thepopulation of Little Eagles has been in a steady decline for some time, duemainly to the loss of its woodland habitats, both through clearing and, to alesser extent, urban development. They are also susceptible to competitionfrom larger Wedge-tailed Eagles when they vie for suitable nest sites in theremnant tracts of native woodlands where both species occur.

The BirdLife Australia Raptor Group (BARG) was instrumental in thisreclassification of the species, as they have been lobbying the VictorianGovernment for the Little Eagle to be uplisted for several years.Unsurprisingly, members of BARG have welcomed the government’s decision, whichmeans that the conservation status of the Little Eagle is now consistent withits conservation status in New South Wales and the ACT. All the hard work putin by BARG has finally paid off in this regard.

BARG hopes that this revised listing will ensure that Little Eagles will nowreceive adequate protection across the state to ensure their ongoing survival.

Congratulations to BARG, whose hard work made this revised listing become areality!

The only other species to have its conservation status upgraded this time wasthe Platypus.

Source: Birdlife Australia

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