A spider and Harry Potter are the two costumes Australians are most likelyto dress their pet up as this Halloween.

Using online analytics, money.co.uk determined the most popular pet costumesacross the country with Spider, Harry Potter, Yoda, Lion, and Hot Dog makingup the top five.

Mandi Wright, PETstock PETschool State Trainer, provided some tips on ensuringyour pet is safe and at ease this Halloween.

“Ensure your pet is comfortable when wearing costumes and monitor them for thefirst few minutes of wearing it to ensure they don’t feel anxious orrestricted.”

Wright also said as Halloween is more widely celebrated there is the chancethere may be fireworks, which can be frightening for some dogs.

“If you have a puppy, it’s important to create positive associations todifferent people, sounds and places. Taking your puppy for a walk during theday will exposure them to different surroundings, just ensure that they aremicrochipped, and the details are updated in case they get spooked and try torun off.”

The coming-and-goings of trick-treaters also has the potential to upsetanxious pets, so Wright suggests creating a safe environment for your pet tohave some alone time.

“Giving them a chew toy and creating white noise is a great way to keep yourdog distracted from what’s happening outdoors.”

Of course, it’s not just the pets dressing up, so Wright also has some advicefor those owners who plan on getting into the Halloween spirit.

“If you’re planning on dressing up this Halloween, gradually introduce yourcostume or mask in a familiar place such as your home to make them feelcomfortable. Rewarding your pet with treats while you’re wearing the mask orcostume will help keep them relaxed.”

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