Do you know a fabulous feline who hates their travel crate? Or travellinganywhere in general? You are not alone! Some cats can practically sense youheading off to get their travel crate ready. There have been plenty offamilies who report that their pet cat bolts upon the mere sight of theirtravel crate and are nowhere to be found for several hours.

This is obviously incredibly stressful for both the felines and the humans,especially when you have travel plans in place or appointments to get to.

Every kitty cat is different, and what might be a great adventure for some, isa terrifying ordeal for others. Here are a few tips and tricks that you couldtry which may help alleviate your cats fear and dislike of their travel crate.

Every kitty cat is different, but here are a few tips that you could try whichmay help alleviate your cats fear or dislike of their travel crate.

  • Rather than hiding the crate until the morning you are ready to leave, try leaving it in an obvious place that your cat frequents, like the laundry or in a spare room, so that they can see it all year around and know that it is not something associated with a fearful event.
  • Place bedding and familiar items or smells inside the crate, so that they learn that it is a friendly environment.
  • Try placing your cats meals next to the crate, or you could even try placing their favourite treats just inside the crate for an extra positive experience!
  • Spray the crate with a product like Feliway ‘happy pheromone’ spray about half an hour before using it, which is proven to help reduce stress.
  • If possible, consider using the crate for something other than a trip to the vet once a year. Try putting your kitty in the car for a really short trip every now and then, that does not result in a needle at the other end! This will help to desensitise them to the negative feelings associated with the crate travel.
  • Consider the type of cat carrier you are using. There are many varieties on the market, and part of the solution could be as simple as finding the right carrier for your kitty.
  • Make sure it has something warm, soft and comfortable inside the crate, so that they can burrow and feel safe and secure during travel.

Aiming for a stress-free transport experience for your furry feline is thebest way to overcome cage phobia. It’s all about reducing the ‘surprise’element and instead building on a positive association with their cage. Theearlier you start, and the more often you reenforce the positive experience,the more comfortable your pet will become with it.

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