With 100% of proceeds from the designs donated to the Wildlife ConservationNetwork’s (WCN) to support koala conservation efforts after the bushfires

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (20 July, 2021)—Expanding on the Tiffany Save the WildCollection, all proceeds from the new Australia-exclusive koala-inspireddesigns will benefit koala conservation efforts of the Wildlife ConservationNetwork. Through donations from the Tiffany Save the Wild Collection, WCN willinvest in the most effective projects to protect the koala and its habitat inAustralia. The new koala designs from the Tiffany Save the Wild collection,including a sterling silver charm and an 18k white gold brooch with diamonds,will be available in stores and on tiffany.com starting in July 2021.

The koala charm and brooch designs range from $925 to $24,800.

In April 2021, Tiffany & Co. achieved USD $10M in total donations to theWildlife Conservation Network through the Save The Wild collection. Sincelaunching in 2017, the collection in its entirety has donated 100% of profitsto WCN who have provided critical funds for more than 450 on-the-groundconservation projects to protect elephants, lions, rhinos and now koalas.Koalas are among Australia’s most beloved wildlife species. Sadly, koalapopulations have plummeted with the 80% reduction of their natural habitatresulting from settlement expansions across the continent. Found primarily onthe eastern coast of Australia, these precious animals are classified as“decreasing” by the IUCN Red List. Recent climate disasters and deforestationsefforts have decimated critical koala habitats. As a result of the 2020bushfires, over 3 billion animals tragically perished or became displaced.

Funds from the Save The Wild collection’s new koala designs will enable WCN todeepen its existing investments in effective koala conservation projects tohave a long-term impact on the species’ well-being.

As with all grants deployed through WCN, 100% of Tiffany & Co. donations willbe used to support conservation actions for animals in the wild.

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