Laughter, fun and levity appear to have been lost to many business settingsand processes. A primary cause is the pandemic. Compounding the circumstancesis the transactional nature of sales and contracts at present. So too is theimpersonal character of online commerce. Algorithms and AI (artificialIntelligence) don’t appear to have any sense of humour.

It is so serious it brings tears to the eyes of some, and heightened concernsabout the presence of administrators and liquidators. Enough to be watery atthe knees.

Laughter, fun and levity are interesting dimensions of confidence. Those whoare sufficiently philosophical and confident to accept reality, usually havescope to laugh at themselves and the irrationality of so many aspects of life.

In the past it was usual to initiate contact to share some time, informationand ideas. That should remain. Complementing such agenda is the suggestion,and offer, to share a few laughs.

Even lost sales and contacts can bring a smile to one’s face. A sense ofhaving missed a bullet is increasingly evident in the prevailing volatilemarketplace. Some relationships are simply too hard, difficult, unfulfillingand unprofitable.

Escaping to the beach, the movies, a favourite bar or restaurant, and to havepeople who have a sense of humour, makes sense.

An interesting aside to the consequences of COVID-19, WFH (working from home),lockdowns and social distancing, is that globally and throughout Australia,individuals have on average, put on weight.

A stable diet of endorphins – bought on by a healthy appetite of laughter andfun – can, and does, take a load off your mind, and waistline.

Pets, dogs in particular, bring delight and a smile to my life. Theirunconditional love is therapeutic. Not answering back or disagreeing is, well,very agreeable. Even the need for extended and repeated walks is fit forpurpose.

Throughout the pandemic, we at Marketing Focus have been blessed by theability to operate from the office. The “hard-borders” of Western Australia dohave advantages.
Our two non-unionised ambassadors, black Labradors, Tendaji and Jackson, bringinfectious smiles to visiting clients and are great conversation-starters.

They readily work overtime to inject smiles and laughter into the serioussubject of business.

Barry Urquhart
Consumer Behaviour Analyst
Marketing Focus
M: 041 983 5555
E: [email protected]

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