8 things every dog owner needs to know

Thinking about inviting a new bestie into the family… well here are 8 thingsthat every new or current dog parent needs to know!

  1. Exercise

Every dog needs exercise regardless of size. Just as we get cabin fever beinginside too long, so does your dog. Exercise is a chance for them to socialise,smell and mark their territory and most of all release all that pent-up energythey have from sitting down too long. If you have a senior dog, then you needto adjust their exercise accordingly. The most important thing to remember…exercise (I always encourage 2 x daily) creates enjoyment and prevents badbehaviour from starting.

  1. Too much cuteness

Seeing a puppy instantly melts your heart and all that yumminess you feelneeds to have a practical plan of attack of how to manage and update a newroutine. Be prepared that toilet training can take 2-6 months, so patience andconsistency is needed but once they’re trained, it’s done for life! Remember adog isn’t fully mature until approx. 2 years old – then that’s whole lot ofindependence they’ll step into.

  1. Make the time to connect

A dog isn’t called ‘a (wo)man’s best friend’ for nothing. Dogs love tointeract with the family and connect. Forget the multi-tasking walking themwhile on the phone or patting them as you work on your laptop, that’s notgoing to work for long and they won’t be shy in letting you know. With a headbutt here or a whimper there, it’s just to get your full attention. Making thetime to connect allows every owner to step into the moment of feeling love andthat’s the whole point of adding a furry member to the family.

  1. Feed them the size of their stomach not ours

Now many of us express our love by serving food (it’s nourishment after all).Serving sizes seem to have gotten bigger and more frequent for our caninepals. Pet obesity is becoming more common so it’s vital to know the size ofyour dog’s stomach. For us humans, studies show that our stomach is the sizeof our palm, so think of your pet’s paw the size of their stomach.

  1. Give them a job at home

Giving them a role in the home makes them feel part of the pack, the family.The role can be as simple as asking them to keep the place calm and relaxedwhile you’re out always guides them as to how to hold their own energy.

  1. House rules, when do they start

As soon as they enter the family, teaching them right from the start willavoid any confusion between owners and the new pooch.

  1. Health

Our health is priceless and so it’s the same for the dogs in our lives. Dailyexercise, a healthy diet along and teaching them how to maintain a calm andrelaxed state only increases their vitality (and not to mention our own) andlet’s not forget regular health checks with your Vet.

  1. Senior dogs

I like to call these one’s our senior citizens, they’ve experienced life, arewiser and happy to enjoy the moment. Here is where we need to adjust ourroutine, lifestyle, food and home to suit their needs and age. We can preventinjuries with a little adjusting.

Life is a journey and being able to experience and enjoy life with your four-legged bestie adds a whole new dimension. A bundle of joy is placed at yourfeet so I’m encouraging you to take the time and connect with them, they’rerole in our lives makes us more present and connect from the heart.


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