South Coast Rescue and Sydney Wildlife Rescue will be coming together toassist the local wildlife affected by the fires.

“It is the animals and their welfare that is our primary priority, not thegroup you belong to,” says Joan Reid, long-time Sydney Wildlife Rescuevolunteer. “We will be setting the Mobile Care Unit up to help injured andsick wildlife and give treatment as needed.”

Fire victims don’t always arrive with burns; they often present with smokeinhalation, injuries related to fleeing from the fires or from trying toaccess water in these drought conditions and subsequent infections. Manykangaroos end up hanging from fences as they attempt to outrun the blaze, saidJoan.

“Our endangered bats are also dying in Sydney from the extreme heat associatedwith the fire season and starvation from the loss of their food sources. manylittle faces are found dead or dying at the bottom of trees as their mums flyfurther looking for food,” she said.

“Long after the fires have finished burning, Sydney Wildlife Rescue will stillbe quietly looking after any wildlife bought to us.”

For any donation to the Sydney Wildlife Rescue Wildlife Mobile ****

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