With over 12 million businesses owned by women in the United States, there iscertainly a growing trend in the rise of female entrepreneurs. What’s evenmore impressive is the number of women choosing to step into the pet industry.In fact, this industry is booming as more and more millennials put off havingchildren of the human variety in favor of fur babies.

As the need for more pet services and products grows, it’s important tocontinue to have females leading the pack. According to a 2017 report, over 60percent of women in business can be found in one of four sectors –administration, professional technical services, health care and the petindustry.

Need some more inspiration? Just look at animals in the wild! From elephantsand honeybees to lions and killer whales, it’s the females who take charge inleading the way for the sake of everyone else. Indeed, it’s time to toss abone to the fearless and powerful women who run companies in today’s petindustry. From treats and apparel to organic meals and dental care, there aresome incredible pet businesses owned and operated by women.

Many pet business owners also have a background in veterinary health and,according to a recent report, more than 80 percent of veterinary students arewomen. By studying animals and observing the common issues among pets,veterinarians have gone on to create products and services to better serve petowners. In fact, retired veterinarian Dr. Cathy Alinovi treated many of herpet patients with nothing more than dietary changes. She now dedicates hertime to serving as the president of Next Generation Pet Food ManufacturersAssociation, fighting for the integrity of pet food manufacturers. Her missionis to educate pet owners and ensure that pets get the proper care andnutrition they need to flourish.

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to acknowledge the stridesthat women are making – not just in the pet industry, but across allindustries. It’s a wonderful time to be a woman in business. No longer do wehave to wait for leadership opportunities to pop up; we can now create theroles for ourselves and the businesses we want! Plus, women-owned businessesemploy over 9 million women. It’s so encouraging to see women empowering otherwomen. Not only that – there are plentiful resources and publications onlinecelebrating women in the pet industry. In fact, I recommend checking out thesewebsites:

Pet Age : Pet Age holds an annual “Women of Influence Awards” in whichthe publication honors 30 ambitious, hardworking females who are influentialin the pet industry. These women’s roles range from general manager andpresident to executive director, CEO and more. These women are constantlypushing the envelope in pet care and are always looking for innovative ways toaccelerate the development of the pet industry as a whole.

Women in the Pet Industry Network : WIPIN is a great network to meetfellow female entrepreneurs working within the pet industry. The organizationalso has an accompanying magazine to keep up with the latest industry trends.It’s a true testament to the power of women in the pet industry and thestrides we are making together.

As the owner of five pet grooming shops within Phoenix, I know there can beplenty of obstacles that come with running a business – especially as a womanin the pet industry. But we’re a powerful bunch and there are tons of greatresources and role models to look to!

Source: LIZ ILLG, US Pet Business

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