If you heard of parrots world, you would imagine them mostly as green, red, orblue-colored birds. However, the world of parrots is a lot more diverse thanyou might think. Have you heard of Pesquet’s parrot, which is also known asthe Dracula parrot?

Dracula parrots are short-tailed and stretch to nearly 50 cm in length. Theirweight is around 680–800 g. These gorgeous birds are easily noticed by theirblack and grey chests, pitch-black beaks, and strokes of bright red feathers.The only difference between females and males is that males have red patchesbehind their ears.

The Dracula parrots can only be found in New Guinea. Unfortunately, thesemagnificent birds have become a target for local poachers, which, in additionto increasing habitat loss, has put the Pesquet’s parrots’ population atdangerously low numbers. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species evaluatedDracula parrots as Vulnerable.

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