There is no doubt about it – training your dog takes plenty of time andpatience! The earlier that you start, the sooner you will see the benefitsboth for yourself and also for your dog. Training your pet leads to a strongerbond between the 2 of you, a calmer household, and as a bonus you get to spendmore one-on-one time together while concentrating on training! Here are a fewof the important benefits of training your pooch.


It is important for your dog to understand what their boundaries are. There isno point getting frustrated or angry with them for jumping on your couch orgrabbing food off the table if you have not been able to spend the timeactively training them to learn not to do these things. Having a pet who knowswhat their boundaries are will make your home life much easier and ensure thatthey are not getting into trouble for things that they simply don’tunderstand.


Socialisation has many benefits, as it will help influence the behaviour ofyour dog and assist them in being happy, fear-free and well-adjusted pets whorelate well to other animals, and also other people. Attending trainingsessions (either in a group or a private session) will help your dog get usedto being with other people and also other dogs in a group setting. If you havea puppy, start this as soon as you are able to enrol them into a puppy class!For older dogs, remember, it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.Seek help by joining a group obedience class or contacting your local dogtrainer.


The key to successful training is consistency. Once you set a rule of boundaryand train your pet, you must stick to it or you will easily confuse them. Itis also important that everyone in your household understands the same rulesand boundaries. If you train your dog to stay off your couch, but the othermembers of your household encourage them to get up on the couch when you arenot there, this will lead to trouble! Your poor pooch won’t know what is rightor wrong, and you will have to start the training all over again.


Having a well-trained dog is safer for everyone. Being able to ensure thatthey don’t jump on vulnerable people such as young children and the elderlyreduces the risk that they will inadvertently injure someone. Additionally,having a dog that will always come when they are called is a lifesaver in adangerous situation!

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