Two heroic Assistance Dogs Australia pups in training will be shaking pawswith The Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, His ExcellencyGeneral the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd), who they have need aptlynamed after, to celebrate the non-for-profit’s 25th Anniversary.

The 15-week-old Labradors GG (Governor-General) and Hurley are set to meettheir Patron and Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley at Admiralty House Kirribillion Friday 21st May at 10am along with fellow Assistance Dogs and their newfamilies which includes children with autism, as well as individuals sufferingfrom PTSD or physical disabilities.

This Patronage from the Governor-General acknowledges and celebrates theaccomplishments of Assistance Dogs Australia and the 550 lives they haveimpacted within their 25-year history in Australia.

Assistance Dogs Australia Top Dog, Richard Lord said “The Governor-General andMrs Hurley are wonderful supporters of Assistance Dogs Australia and the workour heroic pups do for the community. We are thrilled to be able to show ourappreciation by naming two of our new pups after the Governor-General.”

GG and Hurley will undergo a further 10 months of basic training andsocialising with their volunteer puppy educators before returning toAssistance Dogs Australia for a six months intensive training program and thenbeing given to one of the many people on the waiting list to enhance theirquality of life and improve their level of independence.

About Assistance Dogs Australia

Assistance Dogs Australia is a non-for-profit organisation that trainsLabradors and Golden Retrievers to help enhance the quality of life andimprove the level of independence for people with a range of disabilities. Asa result of the program, these highly trained dogs allow recipients to havegreater mobility, gain confidence and have higher self-esteem.

A relatively small charity Assistance Dogs Australia was started in 1996 andhas since placed over 550 dogs around Australia. Each dog takes a full twoyears to train at a cost of $40000 each and are given free of charge to peoplewith disabilities. Assistance Dogs Australia has recently been reaccredited byAssistance Dogs International, 15 years after becoming the first assistant dogorganisation to be accredited in the Southern Hemisphere.

Puppies are trained through the assistance of volunteer puppy raisers orthrough innovative programs such as the Pups in Prison program.

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