The Fressnapf Group ends its anniversary year 2020 (30 years of Fressnapf)with an annual turnover of more than €2.5 billion. In all eleven countries,both stationary and online, significant double-digit growth was achievedcompared to the previous year. In Germany more than €1.5 billion in annualsales were generated. Concrete numbers and developments will be announced onFebruary 24, 2021 at 11 a.m. as part of a virtual annual press conference.

In particular, the online channel as a driver – a look at the Fressnapfecosystem

The most important growth driver of the past year was the online channel: withan increase of 45 percent, the already ambitiously planned growth was clearlyexceeded. “Unbelievable, but in the crisis year 2020 we far exceeded all ofthe goals planned for the anniversary year. In 2021, we will continue toattack both stationary and online in all countries and actively promote theconsolidation of the industry on our own. We are planning over 100 newlocations and additional online shops. At the turn of the year we already tookover the Danish competitor ‘PetWorld’ with 36 locations and online shops “,says Torsten Toeller, founder, owner and chairman of the board of directors ofthe Fressnapf Group. Managing Director Dr. Hans-Jörg Gidlewitz adds: “On theway to an ecosystem for all animal owners in Europe, we will continue topursue this expansive path vigorously and with high investments on allchannels.”

Customer in focus and new competencies in view

“We have adapted our working methods to the changing conditions in order toact even more customer-centered and to inspire even more customers. This helpsus both in acquiring new customers and in recruiting talented and competentnew employees, ”emphasizes Fressnapf managing director Dr. Johannes Steegmann.Around 14,000 people from over 50 nations currently work for the group.

The corona pandemic has further strengthened the human-animal relationship

“We have seen how the emotional relationship between humans and animals hasintensified through factors such as social distancing, home office or short-time work, and there are more new pet owners. These findings help us todevelop products, services and services that are tailored to the needs of ourcustomers across all channels. That is the basis of our future ecosystem ”,Steegmann continues.

There for all pets in Europe, even in difficult times

“We are grateful that, as a systemically important dealer, we were able tosafely look after pets in Europe during lockdown times. Everyone involvedalong the supply chain, our colleagues at the logistics locations andespecially in the markets, played a major role in this. I would like toexpressly thank them for their passionate commitment and for the fact that,despite difficult conditions, they were and are always there for our customersand their pets, ”said Torsten Toeller.

“Fressnapf has been committed to animal welfare for more than 30 years, andeven more so in times of crisis. With our initiative ‘Animal Committed’ andthe sale of friendship bracelets, we and our customers in Germany collected anew record of donations last year. In addition, well over 1,800 donationpallets with food and accessories were distributed to animal shelters,”emphasizes the company owner, his affair of the heart. The exact donationamount will be published at the end of January.

Source: Pets International Magazine

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