The Cat Protection Society of Victoria has issued a warning to cat ownersabout the deadly consequences of having lilies in the home, as they come intoseason this Spring.

Dr Peta Keown, Senior Veterinarian at the Cat Protection Society of Victoriasays that cats only need to ingest the pollen of a lily, and withouttreatment, it can lead to kidney failure or death.

“Many pet owners aren’t aware of how dangerous certain lilies are to cats, andwith many of us in lockdown, flowers such as ornamental lilies are being sentas gifts or purchased for display in the home. Even if a cat eats a couple ofleaves, or rubs the pollen on their body then licks it off, they can sufferacute kidney failure within a very short period of time.”

Dr Keown is concerned about the number of cats that present in her clinicbecause they have ingested the flower.

She says that if an owner suspects their cat has ingested a lily, they shouldvisit the vet immediately. Signs to look out for include nausea, disinterestin food, changes in urinary patters, or any other signs that something justisn’t right in their cat.

Other toxic plants and flowers that can be harmful to cats include daffodils,tulips and aloe vera plants.

TheCat Protection Society of Victoria is a not for profit animal welfareorganisation committed to working with the community to ensure that every cathas the opportunity for a loving, safe and healthy home. With an adoptionshelter, a feline dedicated veterinary clinic, retail shop and café, theSociety relies entirely on the kindness of donations, legacies and membershipsfor its day-to-day existence and to ensure they can provide the highest levelsof care to cats in need. Visit

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