ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL is returning as an in-person event from 10 to 12November: the business community for the pet industry will be able to meetonce more, in Bologna, for the only major international event of 2021.

Bologna, 4 June 2021 – BolognaFiere’s decision to hold the event in the autumnof 2021 was made together with the exhibitors and operators to respond to theneed for an international assembly after a year in which the pandemic put astop to all in-person events.

With five months remaining until the event, the number of exhibitorsrequesting to participate, as well as the interest from internationaloperators, has been substantial. All are keen to attend following a longperiod in which the pandemic emergency has severely tested the global economyand modified people’s established lifestyle habits. It has also been a year inwhich our pets have assumed an even more central role in our day-to-day lives.

The presentation of ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL to the international media washeld on Friday 4 June at 11am with a digital press conference incorporatedinto the event schedule of Interzoo.digital 2021. This high profileopportunity recognizes and consolidates the role of the event – organized byBolognaFiere in collaboration with ASSALCO (the Italian Association of PetFood and Pet Care Companies) and ANMVI (the National Association of ItalianVeterinarians) – as the reference event for the pet industry during oddnumbered years.

The participation of the heads of Interzoo, Gordon Bonnet, Managing Directorof ZZF and Rowena Arzt, Director of Exhibitions at WZF GmbH at the ZOOMARKINTERNATIONAL press conference – alongside Italian speakers Antonio Bruzzone,General Manager of BolognaFiere, Domenico Lunghi, Head of the Private LabelBusiness Unit, Food & Pet Industry at BolognaFiere and Pascale Sonvico, ShowOffice Manager for Promopet – served to illustrate to the international mediathe current partnership between the two trade fair organizers that has beencreated to help businesses in the sector plan their international activitieseffectively. Interzoo and ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL will promote and participatereciprocally at each other’s events to make them increasingly useful forEuropean companies in this sector.

The press conference was the closing event of ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL ’sinvolvement at Interzoo.digital : over the previous days a series ofmeetings (organized in partnership with the organizers of the German event)had been held to promote the role of the Italian market and the opportunitieswithin it. The current scenario was the topic of the meeting on 3 Junededicated to the Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic: Developments and trendsin the Italian and German Pet Care Market and, for the duration ofInterzoo.digital, as part of the Zoomark Café , operators were able tointeract with the ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL team to obtain further information tohelp plan their participation at the event in November.


ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL 2021 will have a new layout that will includehalls 25, 26 and the brand new hall

37 of the Bologna Exhibition Centre.

The event will be held in person and in full safety, ensured by protocols andthe experience of BolognFiere that already in September 2020, at the height ofthe pandemic, managed to host some fair events (link to video on safetyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hDEIRKSnAY).

Now, with the progress of vaccination campaigns worldwide and the gradualeasing of travel restrictions, the improving conditions suggest that the fairwill be successful and will enjoy the substantial attendance of operators fromall over the world.

More than 300 companies from 34 countries have already signed up for ZOOMARKINTERNATIONAL and they will be offering a broad panorama of the mostsignificant trends and new developments set to characterize the market andconsumption in the coming months.

Innovation will be the connecting theme of the event, and as traditionallyoccurs, this will culminate with a series of in-depth focus sessions.


Internationalization has always been one of the strategic goals of ZOOMARKINTERNATIONAL which, at its most recent edition in 2019 counted the presenceof 757 exhibitors, of which 67% were from outside Italy, and more than 29,000professional operators, more than 38% of whom were from abroad.

The coming edition of the event will further reinforce the actions to ensurean ever-closer dialogue with the international markets: this aspect has beenboosted by agreements signed with the large e-commerce platforms that willextend the business reach of the companies exhibiting at the events in Bolognaby opening them up to the world. BolognaFiere and Alibaba.com havesigned a unique agreement that will also enable the exhibitors at ZOOMARKINTERNATIONAL to benefit from the opportunities offered by the largest B2Be-commerce platform, which counts on more than 30 million operators all overthe world and is present in 149 countries. This represents a huge opportunityfor companies to boost their profile and launch multichannel commercialstrategies.

The activities to incentivize the attendance of foreign exhibitors andoperators can also count on a vast network of agents who promote the eventin: Africa (Francophone countries), Austria, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina,Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, France, Great Britain,Greece, India, Iran, Korea, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro,Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and the USA.

Finally, in collaboration with ITA, the Italian Trade Agency, the 2021 editionof ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL will offer an in-depth focus on businessopportunities with countries in Eastern Europe that will be illustratedduring the event.


ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL is a successful fair that reflects a dynamic market,characterized by positive progress. The initial previews of the 14th editionof the Assalco- Zoomark Report , compiled by Assalco (the ItalianAssociation of Pet Food and Pet Care Businesses), which will be presented inBologna in November , have highlighted total sales volumes for the pet foodsector that exceed 2 billion euros , growth in value of 4.2% and growth involume of 2% compared with 2019.

Driving the market for pet food are products for cats and dogs that IRIestimates, based on the sales data from the main distribution channels(grocery retail, traditional pet shops and pet shop chains) 1 amount to2,257 million euros for a total of 626.600 tonnes of pet food sold.

The market share for foods for smaller pets (mainly birds and rodents) in 2020saw revenues of just over 12 million euros (at hypermarkets, supermarketsand convenience stores).

1 Panel IRI Petshop Chains: represented by L’isola dei Tesori, Maxi Zoo,Croce Azzurra, Italpet, Zoo Megastore and Agrizoo2. Arcaplanet, FaunaFood and Zoomarket were not included in the IRI survey.

During the year of the pandemic, IRI highlighted growth in the compartment ofaccessories for pet care and day-to-day pet needs, which includes hygieneproducts, toys, leashes, beds, bowls and bird cages, aquaria, reptile tanksand other accessories. In the grocery retail channel in 2020 this marketwas worth 72.8 million euros, an increase of 2.3% in value and 6.7% involume compared with 2019.


The decision to set up a Steering Committee for ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL was bornfrom the desire to plan an edition of the event that is tailored to the needsof the market and its key players, becoming increasingly effective andinnovative in its content.

The Steering Committee 2021 is composed of Befood srl, Camon spa, Dorado srl,Ferribiella spa, Gheda Mangimi srl, Iv San Bernard srl, Monge & C. spa, PetVillage srl, Prodac International srl, Rinaldo Franco spa, Sicce Italia srl,Trixie Italia spa _and _Wonderfood spa.

NUMEROUS OPPORTUNITES FOR DIALOGUE IN THE RUN-UP TO ZOOMARKINTERNATIONAL Over the last year ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL has maintained anactive dialogue between businesses and operators also with a series ofwebinars dedicated to some of the themes of major interest for the market: on20 April, at an event organized in collaboration with Pet Trend, the topic wasDigitalization and innovation ; on 18 May at the event organized incollaboration with Pet B2B the discussion centred on The specialist channelafter the pandemic ; the third appointment, scheduled to take place beforethe summer break, on 8 July, and organized in collaboration with Zampotta PetBusiness will be dedicated to How communication in the pet industry haschanged over the last year.

Other initiatives, both in-depth sessions and meetings with the internationalbusiness community are in the pipeline and will be announced shortly.

The expert content and enthusiastic participation in the events confirmZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL as a reference point for the in-depth analysis of trendsand scenarios that characterize the pet industry market.

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