You are what you eat. And the same is true for our pets. So it is important toknow what they are eating is good for them. That’s the benefit of choosingnatural foods. Natural foods contain ingredients that are in their naturalstate. Natural ingredients are those that have come directly from plants,animals or from the earth, not what has been chemically created or modified ina laboratory. Each ingredient has its own unique combination and levels ofessential nutrients.

When creating our high quality delicious recipes, the ingredients in IVORYCOAT have been specifically chosen with health, safety and nutrition in mindfor your pet, and every ingredient has a role to play in your pet’s favouriteIVORY COAT product. Ingredient purpose and ingredient integrity are integralparts of our IVORY COAT philosophy. Every ingredient that has been added isthere with the pet in mind. Artificial colours, flavours and preservatives donot fit in the design fundamentals and therefore you will not see them in theingredient list. When necessary, vitamin, minerals and other trace nutrientsmay need to be added to ensure all our products are nutritionally Complete andBalanced for the intended lifestage of your pet. Meaning, IVORY COAT is allyou need to feed each day for your pet to thrive.


Aussie Meat is our #1 Ingredient. We only source our meat from our approvedand reputable, licensed Australian ingredient suppliers. Our Ivory Coatproducts only contain meat sourced from Australian animals that have beendeemed fit for human consumption and processed in a human grade facility priorto being supplied to us or prior to being processed into a dry meat mealformat
Our suppliers meat processing facilities are compliant to the standards thatare regulated by the Australian Meat Authority.
We source all Ivory Coat raw materials as close to our manufacturingfacilities as possible, to ensure guaranteed freshness and quality:
Beef and Lamb are pasture-raised.
Kangaroo is considered free-range.
Chicken is derived from healthy young barn-raised birds raised for the humanmeat consumption.
Our Salmon & Ocean Fish are caught in Australian waters

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