The Australian Pet Care Association (APCA) represents the Dog Kennel/PetResorts, Doggie Daycare and Dog Training Industries throughout all ofAustralia. The Association has been successfully providing members withessential industry related information, help and support to operate theirbusinesses effectively and efficiently since 1992.

**** One of the biggest challenges we face is how small our industry sectoris. As a result of this, we recognise that the only way to effectivelyrepresent our members is to join forces and work together to resolve commonindustry related issues. We believe that we are stronger together, and byworking together as a group of independent business owners we have been ableto gain a voice and be heard.

Our goal is to foster good relations between all levels of government toensure that we are listed as a key stakeholder in many of the changes that thepet industry is currently facing. There is a major shift in the legislationsurrounding animal welfare in Australia, and it is vital that our industry hasa strong voice in order to consult on the various reviews and changeshappening around the country at the moment.

The APCA has various levels of membership available, with various levels ofinclusion in each one. Our Full members gain access to many differentresources and support, including access to a private facebook group forindustry related discussion and support.

__ Become a member with us at orcontact us anytime by emailing [email protected]

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