Take Your Dog to Work Day (25 June) is widely celebrated across Australia,but none take the day more seriously than the doggos within the Arcare agedcare community.

This year, Arcare aged care residences – Nirvana, Keysborough, Reservoir,Brighton, Civic Manor, Knox, Springwood and Seven Hills – were all treated tospecial visits by their four-legged friends.

Arcare Nirvana

Five-year-old Brittany Spaniel, Raffy visits the residents at Arcare Nirvanaonce a month with owner Delia Gawthorne (Lifestyle Coordinator) dedicating histime to one-on-one visits with the residents in the mornings and freelyroaming the lounge in the afternoons for extra cuddles, pats and playtime.

Delia says her beloved pooch “tends to help bring [residents] out of theirshell and they look forward to seeing him.”

Arcare Knox

10-year-old Golden Retriever, Billy, spent 25 June offering companionship andpupper-love to the aged care residents at Arcare Knox. Billy accompanied hisowner, Lee Pratt, (Arcare Knox Lifestyle Coordinator), to all of the lifestyleactivities on the day. Billy, of course, stole focus away from the games withresidents and team members doting on the pooch all day long. But this wasn’tthe senior-pupper’s first time visiting the Arcare Knox community; hisfriendly, furry face is a familiar one, coming into work with Lee on a regularbasis, both during COVID lockdowns and beyond. If Billy had his way, it wouldbe Take Your Dog to Work Day every day. Keep up the good work Billy.

Arcare Springwood:

Arcare Springwood General Services Manager, Amie Harrison, has been bringingin her five-year-old Terrier Poodle, Dolly, into work with her every Thursday.

Quote from Arcare Springwood resident, Patricia Carver : “I’m an animallover, so naturally I’m delighted to see her when she comes…She’s very placidand everyone loves her and I like to have Dolly on my bed for cuddles.”

Quote from Springwood General Service Manager, Amie Harrison (Dolly’sowner) : “Originally I was bringing Dolly in just for the day while we werein preventative lockdown. She is the perfect little dog with a beautifultemperament, so I thought why not bring her in to share some happiness andgive comfort to those who need it most. Now, she visits every week. I haveclients asking me every day what day she will be here.”

Seven Hills:

Brought in by her owner, Arcare Seven Hills Enrolled Nurse, Elysse Hunter,Pippi has quickly become an honorary resident in Jupiter, the Dementiacommunity at Arcare Seven Hills, and even has her very own special spotreserved in the lounge. When the residents see that Pippi is here to play,they eagerly finish up what they’re doing to come over for pats and cuddles!

Quote from Arcare Seven Hills Enrolled Nurse, Elysse Hunter (Pippi’sowner) : “I started bringing Pippi in after I first got her in February, asI thought all of the residents would enjoy seeing and interacting with her,”Elysse says. “Some of the benefits we have seen in our residents has beenreduced feelings of anxiety and agitation when Pippi is around.”

Arcare Reservoir

The lucky residents and team members at Arcare Reservoir were treated to aspecial four-legged visit from seven-year-old teacup poodle x bichon, Millie,for Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Brought in regularly by her owner, Georgette Georges (Resident Manager),Millie has become an invaluable member to the Arcare Reservoir community.

“I bring Millie as I know the residents love her energy and spending time withher,” Georgette says. “She has a very bubbly and friendly personality, and hersize means she can be popped up onto laps and walking frames which is a verypopular request.”

According to Georgette, there is a therapeutic quality that her visits bringfor residents who may have diverse neurological abilities, with many of thedementia patients taking a special liking to her visits. 88-year-old ArcareReservoir resident, Guido Galea has dementia and is often quiet. However, whenMillie comes to visit, he purposely makes his way to her, always smiling. Hespends a lot of time patting her and talking to her, a sight that bringssmiles to the team members’ faces!

“She reminds him of the dogs he had, and it’s a very beautiful connectionbecause Millie always wants to see him too. They go for a supported strolltogether regularly and enjoy each other’s company,” says Georgette.

Civic Manor

Arcare Civic Manor also had a special guest visit from two-year-old bordercollie, Evee. This was Evee’s first visit of what will hopefully be many!

Arcare Brighton

In celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day (25 June), Arcare Brighton hostedits own pet-get-together earlier this week, celebrating the furry friends whohave helped immensely with keeping residents socially connected during Covid.With friends and family visitations sporadically on hold during peak Covidperiods, facilitating regular pet visits has become a standardised initiativefor Arcare Brighton, with residents and team members loving the time withtheir four-legged friends.


FEATURED 1: Raffy with Arcare residents, Beryl Waanders (90yo) and AileenMaguire (93yo), and Mary Cohen (88yo).

FEATURED 2: Billy with Arcare Knox team members and Suzanne Pluim (93yo),Carmen Lopez (91yo), and Rosemary Ryan (89yo)

FEATURED 3: Pippi with Arcare resident May Denronden (79yo) & Pippi andEnrolled Nurse, Elysse Hunter (owner).

FEATURED 4: Georgette Georges, (Arcare Reservoir Resident Manager), and GuidoGalea (resident) out for a stroll with Millie.

FEATURED 5: Janet Rowley, Arcare Civic Manor Resident Manager, and resident,Risto Celevsk (82yo) with Evee.

FEATURED 6: General Service Manager, Oliver Fajardo with his dog, Baily, aseven-month-old toy poodle x Maltese terrier.

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