Vets Beyond Borders (VBB) is working with Vétérinaries Sans Frontières (VSF)Czech to help raise funds for animals in need due to the conflict inUkraine.

The Czech Republic has eased their entry restrictions for dogs, cats, andferrets entering the country, however they must visit a veterinarian within 72hours of arrival and if necessary be given a microchip and/or a rabiesvaccine.

The financial burden of fleeing a warzone with a pet can often discourageowners from doing so, but VSF Czech offers financial assistance to theseowners to help purchase essentials such as food, bedding, and any veterinarycare they may require.

Donations will be transferred to VSF Czech, who are working on the ground withUkrainian refugees, and will help save animals and provide vital relief totheir owners.

VBB has been a member of VSF International since 2021, sharing a unifiedvision of improving the health of people, animals, and their sharedenvironment.

To donate, please click here.

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