SuperZoo is scheduled to return to Las Vegas from August 16 to 19 and,according to the World Pet Association (WPA), more than 11,000 members of thepet industry have registered to attend.

WPA recently shared an important update on what attendees can expect onsite atthe in-person event. On July 27, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak imposed a newmandate requiring that, regardless of vaccination status, masks must be wornindoors for all public spaces in Clark County, including Las Vegas.

The goal of WPA is to deliver the connections, solutions and experiences thatonly an in-person conference can offer. According to the trade group, recentstudies have shown that nearly 85 percent of event attendees are ready to getback to in-person shows.

In addition, the pet industry’s ongoing growth depends on the regular infusionof new products and new companies. SuperZoo has long been a showcase for “new”in the pet industry. John Gibbons, The Pet Business Professor, recommendshaving a plan for your time on the show floor, which is why he created theSuperZoo 2021 Super Search Exhibitor Visit Planning Tool.

To help attendees in working the show, floor sections were made more targetedand new sections were created. One thing is unchanged. There is a huge arrayof exhibitors in every product category.

Consider these 2021 SuperZoo facts:

  • 800 exhibitors
  • Eight “targeted” floor sections: Nature’s Pathway, Rodeo Drive, Groomers, Critter Alley, Health & Wellbeing, Innovation Incubator, Farm & Feed, WPA Good Works
  • 220,000+ square feet of exhibitor booths; Plus, a 37,000-square-foot New Products Showcase
  • SuperZoo Education: Seminars on Retail and Grooming – 97 hours; 88 separate sessions
  • Almost five miles of aisles – just to walk the exhibit floor

Gibbons created the Super Search Exhibitor Visit Planner to make SuperZooeasier and more productive. He initially designed it in 2014 and has updatedthe data and produced a new version for every Global Pet Expo and SuperZoosince then, including for the upcoming 2021 edition of SuperZoo.

The “update” is not just exhibitor lists but also to the product categoryofferings for every exhibitor. According to Gibbons, he reviewed everyexhibitor profile on the show site and also visited more than 800 websites andconducted separate Internet searches to “validate” their product offerings.While Gibbons admits it is not 100 percent accurate, he notes it is close.

What does the Super Search do? It searches for and produces a list ofexhibitors by product categories. The Super Search exhibitor visit planner isdesigned to make your time on the show floor more efficient and productive.With the Super Search you can conduct up to five separate and distinct productcategory searches simultaneously with consolidated results produced in boothnumber order to facilitate your journey. There are detailed instructions forreference and to help you understand the nuances of the tool. To view thedashboard and learn more

Source: USA Pet Age

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