Respect is earnt.

It should not necessarily be expected.

Loyalty is much the same. So too, sales, repeat and referral business. Thecircle inherent in the statement: what comes around goes around, has beenlargely broken. Such is the nature and consequence of transactionalrelationships, which currently permeate society and commerce. That is, onedeal at a time. At best, preferred positioning statements and realities arefirst among equals.

Being first in the queue is an advantaged situation, but not to the exclusionof all others. Hubris is misplaced. Humility is appropriate, respected andvalued.

Increasingly, the commercial mantra, “getting back to the basics”, is beingespoused and promoted. Perhaps it should have never been departed.

It’s time. The returns for going the extra mile have been marginalised,minimised or eliminated.

The age of entitlement has lapsed. It seems that every day, in everycircumstance, everybody has to accept the need to repeatedly earn theattention, interest, respect, custom and relationship of significant andappropriate others. In other words – just do it. Then do it again. Then do itagain. Having done it again, just do it, again.

Hard work. Hard yards. And yet, it’s satisfying and fulfilling – beforestarting over again.

In short, the greatest transformation in commerce today, is that each andevery entity is a start-up business. That involves starting it up at thecommencement of the day, maintaining the focus, discipline and pressure untilthe close of work, and being aware of the need for, and to have theenthusiastic willingness to do it all again tomorrow.

Barry Urquhart
Consumer Behaviour Analyst
Marketing Focus
M: 041 983 5555
E: [email protected]

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