WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJLA) — If you like someone romantically, you better getalong with their dog, too, a new survey shows.

The survey was conducted by the dog-walking company Wag!, and it found thatfour out of five dog owners said their dog’s reaction to a potential partneraffects their feelings about the relationship.

Additionally, 86 percent of survey respondents said they would actually breakup with a partner who didn’t like their dog.

In fact, survey respondents said a potential mate not liking their dog wasworse than that person not wanting kids, being a bad tipper, or having badfashion sense.

“It comes as no surprise to us at Wag! that dog parents place a premium ontheir dogs’ opinions of other humans and that this plays a deciding factor intheir love lives,” said Wag! CEO Hilary Schneider in a statement.

What do you think? Could your dog have this much of an affect on your romanticlife?

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