“Lock-downs” stop most things.

Inertia prevails.

Momentum is lost. Critical mass is, well, less critical.

“Bunker-down” is a common call. It’s not necessarily a lot of fun. Socialdistancing does that. The greater the distance, the less the socialising.

Inveterate networkers suffer withdrawal symptoms. Ironically, income streams,for many in that subset, remain constant.

Business leaders are busy. They are re-evaluating self-worth, priorities,effectiveness and preferences. Revelations abound.


Across commerce, reflections proliferate. Revelations have emerged.Inefficiencies have become obvious. Bloated corporate structures suddenlyappear to be self-evident. “Lock-downs” do that.

Past practices are being questioned, remodelled and as a result, potentialproductivity enhancements have accelerated.

The virtues of introspection.


New realities each unique and individual, are being conceptualised. Sadly mostexist in the mind of a few, not shared or clearly articulated.

Some have been reduced to plans, charts and procedural manuals.

All are untested, because in periods of “lock-downs” there are few activeclients and customers.

The gaps between service providers and intended recipients, which have longexisted and persisted, seem, if not larger, then certainly more pronounced.

On the other side of the fence, or perhaps the desk or counter, clients andcustomers are making their own reassessments. Some are subjective, intuitiveand founded on “gut-feelings”. Others are, and will be the product of onlineand in-field research, undertaken during this period of self-isolated down-times.

New, tempting buying search routines will be ready for testing. Past loyaltiesand relationships will be challenged, compared and subjected to comparative-analyses.

All pieces on the “chess board of corporate life” have been moved. As aconsequence, creativity and originality, in isolation, will not be enough.Relevance is imperative.

The finish line – to profits, growth and market share is known. Littleappreciation is given to the new starting line. Therefore, the ability toreach achievements and fulfilments will be compromised.

Possessing in-depth knowledge of clients and consumers will providesubstantial head-starts.


The annual Melbourne Cup turf event is the race that stops the nation. It isa handicap event.

A “locked-down” economy has similar characteristics. On this occasion foremostamong the handicaps will be superficial knowledge of primary, secondary andtertiary target audiences.

The over-reliance on price discounting, multiple sales events and expensivesaturation advertising campaigns will also weigh heavily on potential for theimmediate future.

Continuity of, and persistence with, past and existing campaigns are provingto be sub-optimal, if not outright inappropriate, and therefore failing.

Emphases on products, discounts and sales events will not resonate with manyclients and customers.

Changed circumstances dictate the need for changed contexts, contents andrationales, if interest and purchase considerations are to be stimulated, andfor transactions to be concluded.


To gain and to sustain competitive advantage, it is important to avoid thetemptation to discuss issues with peers, competitors, substitutes anddisruptors.

“Group Think” commoditises most things. – Bland beige colours the businesslandscape.

Differentiation is now more possible than in recent times.

From the advantage-point of being a facilitator to a member of businessdevelopment audits, reviews and refinements, I believe enthusiasm is justifiedfor those who formulate, document and implement a “Starting Again” set ofstrategies.

The component parts are:

  • Reflection

Conduct a detailed strategic audit of the “fit” of the entity, its products,services and
apps in the new marketplace.

  • Introspection

Undertake a detailed, moderated analysis of past and persisting structures,
practices and policies. Surgically cauterise excesses.

  • Projection

Self-determine preferred channels, opportunities and marketplace gaps. Fillthem
rapidly and comprehensively. Invest wisely and confidently. Remember tofollow-up
and follow-through.

  • Effect-ion

Remember, one is rewarded with what they do, and deliver.
Talking about things soon dissolves into inaction.

  • Inspection

Install monitoring, support and refinement infrastructure to achieve and tosustain
momentum and critical mass.


“See you on the other side” is a phrase that shakes the faith of some.

Therefore, remain humble. Do not assume the mantle of “Homo Duess” – humangod.

When the Australian Prime Minister and Chief Medical Officer make repeatedreferences to when we get to the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, it isreasonable to accept that the nation, its people and commerce sectors willsurvive, persist and subsequently grow.

Preparation in terms of time, resources and funds will be, in time, rewarded.

Time and timeliness are key measures for starting again, particularly at theconclusion of economic peaks and troughs.

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