• Starbucks filed a trademark application for “puppuccino” this month.
  • The filing also mentions pet bandanas.
  • Starbucks declined to say anything else about puppuccinos.

The coffee giant applied to trademark the term “puppuccino” with the US Patentand Trademark Office on May 4.

Puppuccinos are small amounts of whipped cream served in espresso or samplecups that customers can give to their dogs. They’re not officially onStarbucks menus, but customers can order whipped cream on the side for free.

“All customers have the ability to order extra whipped cream for a beverageand we’ve seen customers order this for their dogs. We recommend that petowners consult with their vet on what treats are best for their pet,” aStarbucks spokesperson told Insider.

The trademark application lists two categories: whipped cream and petbandanas. While the Starbucks representative did not offer any additionalinformation, the trademark suggests the company could eventually sell petapparel.

There’s already a large market for accessories for Starbucks-loving pups. Etsyhas hundreds of results for Starbucks pet bandanas made by fans.

The puppuccino is usually associated with Starbucks, but other restaurantshave adopted similar items for pets. Some Dunkin’ locations offer a cup ofwhipped cream, while Shake Shack, Culver’s, and Dairy Queen all have other dogtreats available.

Source: Business Insider

Image: Mary Meisenzahl/Insider

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