There’s only one Bo Derek, the actress who shot to superstardom in 1979 afterappearing in 10, followed by Tarzan and Bolero in the 1980s. Thanks tomemorable appearances on such TV talk shows as The Tonight Show StarringJohnny Carson, Late Night with David Letterman and the Arsenio Hall Show, inaddition to being in films like Tommy Boy, the iconic celebrity continued tobe a household name through the ‘90s.

Derek made her first foray in the pet care industry in 2000, when she launchedBless the Beasts, a pet care line (shampoos, conditioners, pomades andfragrances) that was exclusively available in Petco stores. She redevelopedthe pet grooming line, rebranding the name to Bo Derek Pet Care, and releaseda shampoo, conditioner and tearless face wash in 2017. The products arecurrently available in select pet boutiques, grooming salons and other brick-and-mortar stores.

This past July, Derek appeared on talkshoplive, an e-commerce platform thatenables the public to interact with celebrities—including Garth Brooks, AliciaKeys and Julie Andrews—and shop small businesses via a live video stream. Itwas Derek’s first time hosting a segment on the platform, which saw herbathing her dogs outside a horse stall on her California ranch while answeringquestions from viewers, several of whom appeared to be regular customers whoshe knew by name.

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