According to Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies Current Data,

Spectrum Brands now controls more than a dozen pet care brands with globalreach.

Missouri, USA-based Spectrum Brands acquired pet food and treat companyArmitage Pet Care based in Nottingham, Great Britain, producer of brands GoodBoy, Meowee!, Wildbird and Wafcol.

According to Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies Current Data, SpectrumBrands now controls more than a dozen pet care brands with global reach.Spectrum, through its United Pet Group division, acquired the Europeanoperations of Iams and Eukanuba, as well as global dog treats leader Salix, in2014-15. Spectrum also manages global operations in batteries and appliances,hardware and home improvement, home and garden, and auto care.

Spectrum Brands products include Iams (Europe), Eukanuba (Europe), Tetra,Dingo, Wild Harvest, One Earth, Ecotrition and Healthy Hide. The companyoperates in Australia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, WesternEurope and North America.

Spectrum’s annual revenue in 2019 reached US$870,200,000. The company owns 11pet food facilities nine of which are production plants.

Learn more about top dog, cat and other pet food and treat companiesworldwide, along with trends in annual revenues and other information, inPetfood Industry Top Companies Historical Data.

Key data on leading pet food companies

Petfood Industry’s annual survey collects data on companies’ reported annualrevenue, number of employees, brands, type of products offered, number offacilities and contact information (including address, phone number, emailsand websites). The data is compiled in a convenient spreadsheet format, and isa valuable resource allowing users to sort, filter and analyze theinformation.

There are three data sets available:There are three data sets available:
– 50 leading pet food producers worldwide 2016-2019
– 30 leading US pet food producers 2016-2019
– 30 leading European pet food producers 2016-2019

Petfood Industry’s annual Top Companies edition includes rankings of the toppet food companies globally, in addition to information about the M&A activitywithin the industry.

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