Southlake DPS has a knack for creating viral content, perhaps none more

successful than a video starring Bonnie the ferret. Here’s what Bonnie’s beenup to since her star turn last year.

Southlake’s Department of Public Safety has become locally known for producingcreative video parodies that merge pop culture with public service.

But no one expected the department’s video last year of Bonnie, a “drug-sniffing” ferret, to get 6 million views.

This week, Uptmore shared a photo of Bonnie kissing Dawson Middle Schoolresource officer Tony Pate — underneath the mistletoe — to satisfy inquiringminds who wondered: What happened to that ferret on a leash, and was shereally a narc?

Our K9 Duco was super busy in the boardroom yesterday, so SRO Pate had torecruit Bonnie the ferret to assist with locker searches at Dawson MiddleSchool and it’s just another wonderful day in

— Southlake DPS (@SouthlakeDPS) May 2, 2019

Uptmore was kind enough to offer a bit of background.

“So the way that came to be is that Officer Pate over at Dawson Middle Schoolis so fantastic with the kids there and they have this huge Animal Scienceroom with varying critters — tarantulas, a python, birds and ferrets,” hesaid.

Bonnie the ferret is one of the more beloved animals at the school. One day,Pate put Bonnie on a leash and led her down the hall with a student filming.

“He tapped on the locker knowing that Bonnie would investigate and then hesent it over to me,” Uptmore said. “I thought it needed some extra humor andcontent so I wrote that [Southlake police dog] Duco was unavailable, so we hadto bring in the backup…our drug-sniffing ferret, which is of course not athing.”

And while she has yet to get an IMDB page, Bonnie is not done entertaining themasses.

“We have a script for an action movie trailer starring them both planned,”Uptmore said, “but just haven’t had a chance to film it yet. ‘Chief, I don’tneed a partner!’ Stereotypical cop jargon like that.”

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