Singleton Council operating pound in appalling conditions

The Hunter/Central Coast regional group of the Animal Justice Party (NSW)condemns the appalling conditions at Singleton pound and will be making aformal complaint to the RSPCA.

AJP NSW demands that simple, yet necessary upgrades be undertaken by councilimmediately.

Yesterday evening a local AJP member visited the pound and observed thedisturbing sight of an impounded white Labrador, caged, unprotected from theelements, no raised bed and no blanket or jacket. As the prediction oftemperatures as low as 1 degree overnight with wind and rain, SingletonCouncil continues to fail in its duty of care to this innocent animal andindeed past and future animals unlucky enough to be impounded by the council.

AJP Hunter spokesperson, Joshua Agland : “The council run pound iscompletely inadequate and fails the most basic of requirements to ensureanimals do not suffer because of exposure to the elements. Singleton Mayor SueMoore may like to say that everything is ok and that her council isconsidering plans for a new facility but reality is, the pound as it standsright now is far from ok.”

The current facility and indeed the situation being endured by the whiteLabrador fails the most basic requirements set out in government legislationand codes of practice. The NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice No 5 – Dogs andcats in animal boarding establishments states under Section 3.2.1 where afacility is outdoors they must protect from rain and wind, provide adequateshade, and be partially enclosed to provide a sheltered sleeping area.Section 3.5 in relation to temperature states; Animals must be protectedfrom extremes of temperature and the environmental temperature controlled tominimise distress to animals. Section 3.9 in relation to bedding states;All kennels should be provided with a raised sleeping area and sufficientbedding, appropriate to the breed, or trampoline-style beds.

AJP Hunter spokesperson, Joshua Agland :

“This is an appalling situation that has been going on for too long now. Itappears Singleton Council and its elected representatives have littleknowledge or care for the conditions endured by the innocent animals who,through no fault of their own, have been impounded in this facility.

These council facilities are operating using rate payer’s money, they havepreviously received NSW taxpayer’s money to upgrade animal holding facilities,yet, the suffering continues. To use funding or resources as an excuse for ananimal not to have the basic requirements such as a raised bed and blanket isinexcusable. Especially when we have so many dedicated rescue groups operatingon donations willing to donate a bed, blankets, and jacket to the council forthe dog. Even our local AJP group is willing to donate a bed, blanket, andjacket to provide some basic care.”

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