Exclusive Pet Food started an awareness campaign in August to encourage

pet owners to consider their animals’ digestive health.

Scientists use many of the same techniques to study different animals’digestive systems, including humans. Likewise, dogs, cats, horses and peopleeat many of the same ingredients, though formulated differently and withdifferent effects in various species digestive systems. This one healthapproach to animal nutrition allows advances in one species to benefit all,while facilitating collaboration in new pet food product development. Forexample, the same scientific team behind horse feeds including Strategy andOutlast brands developed Exclusive Signature Pet Foods, owned by Land o’Lakes.

“While there are digestive health species differences between dogs, cats andhorses we as nutritionists share common research learnings and have commonnutritional ingredients that can be used to support digestive health,” MichaelHayek, Ph.D., director of companion animal technical innovation for ExclusivePet said. “For example, both horses and pets, as well as humans, have amicrobiome population in the GI tract. The type of bacterial populations maydiffer, however the techniques to study them are similar. In both cases, themicrobiome interacts with the horse, dog, cat or people to influence healthboth positively or negatively if certain bacteria are able to thrive (such asSalmonella ). So, in all species we want to have a healthy microbialpopulation balance.

“We also leverage similar nutrients for digestive health in pets, horses andpeople,” he said. “All of these focus on things such as fiber, prebiotics andprobiotics. They may act differently in each species but still have the resultin supporting digestive health.”

Exclusive Comfort Care Digestive Health Support System is Exclusive Pet’sproprietary combination of fiber, prebiotics and probiotics. Formulators addthe mixture to support digestive health.

“We have formulated with specified levels and combination of beet pulp,chicory root, yeast and probiotics based on pet nutrition studies,” Hayeksaid.

Pet digestive health campaign

Exclusive Pet Food started an awareness campaign in August to encourage petowners to consider their animals’ digestive health.

“Most pet owners understand that a very loose or hard stool is a sign thatthere dog or cat is having issues with their digestive system,” Michael Hayek,Ph.D., director of companion animal technical innovation for said. “Since mostof us consistently clean our litter boxes or backyards this is top of mind.Also, many dog owners recognize that they need to transition to a new food tomaintain a consistent stool. Another example is that owners who board theirpets are aware that the stress can cause gastrointestinal distress. We foundthat consumers we talked to in while developing Exclusive Signature were awareof digestive health, the role nutrition plays and were interested in dietsthat support digestive health.”

The campaign encourages pet owners to consider these questions:

  1. Is your dog’s stool soft and well-formed?
  2. Does your dog defecate regularly and about the same time of day every day?
  3. Does your dog rush to go outside after a meal?
  4. Does your dog demonstrate nervous behavior or discomfort after a meal?
  5. Have you noticed a change in your dog’s coat quality or increased itching?
  6. Does your dog have excessive flatulence?
  7. Does your dog’s tummy “rumble” excessively?

Source: Tim Wall – Petfoodindustry.com

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