RSPCA Victoria today welcomed the Victorian Parliament’s Economy &Infrastructure Committee report and recommendations arising from a review ofits powers and use of government funding.

CEO Dr Liz Walker said the Inquiry was an opportunity for Parliament, and theVictorian community, to oversee and review the animal welfare charity’s work.

“RSPCA Victoria is committed to continuing to be transparent and accountablefor the taxpayer funding we receive and the generous donations from thecommunity that support all our activities,” Dr Walker said.

“We appreciate the thoroughness of this Inquiry, including the opportunitiesto provide information and answer questions in-person during a public hearingin May.”

Dr Walker said RSPCA Victoria would implement all three recommendations in thereport.

“RSPCA Victoria will work with the Victorian Government to implement each ofthe three recommendations, while also continuing our progress in implementingthe recommendations from last year’s Independent Review of the RSPCA VictoriaInspectorate,” said Dr Walker.

Dr Walker said RSPCA Victoria also appreciated the three Findings of theEconomy & Infrastructure Committee.

“This Inquiry is confirmation, once again, that RSPCA Victoria is the state’smost experienced and capable organisation in dealing with animal cruelty.

“RSPCA Victoria remains committed to ending cruelty to all animals and workingwith the Government, stakeholders and the community to achieve that vision,”Dr Walker said.

The Victorian Parliament’s Economy & Infrastructure Committee report,including their findings and recommendations, can be viewed by clicking here.

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