The death of two dogs over the past few months has prompted RSPCA WA toissue a warning about leaving dogs tied up outside.

Following reports of a dog tied up outside with no access to shade or water,inspectors arrived at a Kelmscott property to find a dog had died.

This comes after a similar incidence in Cloverdale last month, when a dogpassed away after being tethered in full sun with no water.

Kylie Green, Inspector Manager RSPCA WA, said there a few simple actionsowners can take to keep pets safe and comfortable.

“Make sure pets have access to shade, or better yet, bring them inside in thecool. Give them access to plenty of cool water—always more than one source incase one gets knocked over—and consider setting up a clam pool or similar forthem to splash around in.”

She also said to bring smaller pets inside, including birds, and give rabbits,guinea pigs and rats cool toys like frozen water bottles to lie on.

Green also offered advice on the best time to walk your dog.

“Don’t walk your dog in the heat of the day—remember, if you can’t leave yourhand on the road, footpath or sand at the beach comfortably for five seconds,then their paws will burn.”


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