RSPCA NSW and NSW Police have seized more than 540 roosters as investigationscontinue into the activities of an illegal cockfighting syndicate in Sydney’ssouth-west.

This is the largest seizure of fighting roosters ever executed by RSPCA NSW.

Over 540 roosters, cockerels and pullets, as well as cockfightingparaphernalia, were located at a property in Horsley Park following theexecution of a search warrant by NSW Police yesterday (Thursday 11 March 2021)at 11 a.m.

RSPCA NSW inspectors caught and transported over 80 birds from the propertyyesterday afternoon to the Sydney Shelter and to emergency accommodation off-site.

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Operations to safely remove the remaining animals will continue today (Friday12 March 2021).

A man was detained by police, and spoken to at the property, before beingreleased.

This follows the seizure of 71 fighting cockerels from a property at CamdenValley Way in Catherine Field on Sunday 13 December 2020, which uncovered adesignated cockfighting area and several large sheds used to house fightingbirds, as well as metal spikes, spurs and other cockfighting paraphernalia.

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