Protesters outside NSW Parliament House have called on Adam Marshall, NSWAgriculture Minister, to support the phase-out of battery cages for hens.

Over sixty supporters gathered to hear from various animal welfare groups,Abigail Boyd of the NSW Greens party, and Emma Hurst from the Animal JusticeParty (AJP).

Earlier this year Marshall ruled out supporting a 10-year plan to phase-outconventional cages for layer and breeder hens before even seeing the proposedwelfare standards, reported the ABC.

Rochelle Flood, Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection, said the Ministeris blatantly ignoring expert advice and putting a national process for henwelfare at risk by supporting the cage egg industry.

“It’s safe to say MP Adam Marshall has been left with egg on his face aftershowing his complete lack of genuine consideration on this issue, opposing newhen welfare standards in March, before even seeing them. This is as more thannine-million-layer hens suffer in battery cages every year, with less spacethan an A4 piece of paper.”

The ABC reported earlier in the year that Marshall had ruled out supporting a10-year plan to phase-out conventional cages for layer and breeder hens beforeeven seeing the proposed welfare standards.

Flood said NSW has the most layer hens of any Australian state and the State’ssupport is crucial to ensuring new welfare standards are adopted.

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