A rising number of Australian pet owners are planning ahead by pre-paying fortheir beloved fur baby’s farewell costs, so they can reduce their emotionaland financial stress when the time comes to say goodbye.

National home vet visit booking service, Pawssum Mobile Vets,has begunoffering services on the back of a booming demand.

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with 6out of 10 households nationally owning a pet.

Pawssum Vets Operational Manager Kiri Brandlisaid that pet owners wereincreasingly seeking out pre-paid end-of-life service plans for their furryfamily member.

“Saying farewell to a pet, who may have been with your family for a very longtime, is incredibly emotional and, with greater financial stress hitting manypeople on the back of the pandemic, we were getting more and more requests toadd a pre-pay option to the home-based euthanasia care we offer,” she said.

“People just don’t want to be in a position where they won’t be able to affordto help their fur baby peacefully cross the rainbow bridge. By planning aheadand pre-paying, they will have peace of mind that they are able to give theirpet the farewell they deserve, when the sad time arrives.”

Pawssum’s pre-paid end-of-life service includes compassionate at-homeeuthanasia by an experienced veterinarian and supportive aftercare services,including the return of a pet’s ashes to the owner’s home.

“The level of grief experienced after the loss of a pet is becoming betterunderstood and many people are now seeking out counselling, as losing a furbaby can be significant and traumatic for some time,” said Ms Brandli.

“Given how traumatic it can be, taking the right steps now to reduce theamount of stress you experience as your pet gets closer to passing away, canbe very helpful.

“And being able to say goodbye at home in a peaceful, calm, private andfamiliar space is now very much the norm.”

Pawssum offers its end-of-life services in all major Australian cities.

Pawssum Mobile Vets are available 7 days a week until late and pet goodbyescan be planned for weekends and evenings to suit all family members who maywish to be with their beloved pet.

Telehealth vet video conferencing with a Pawssum veterinarian who specialisesin end-of-life care can also offer guidance to help owners figure out if theirpet can still be treated to stay comfortable or if they are too unwell forquality-of-life care to continue.

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