PIJAC wishes to inform you of an important invasive species threat that wasrecently discovered in the U.S. Zebra mussels ( Dressena Polymorpha ), whichare regarded as one of the most troublesome invasive species in North America,have been discovered within a variety of moss ball products designed foraquarium use, including products being sold and used in aquariums in stores inmultiple states, including Oregon, Washington and Florida.

Zebra mussels are small, fingernail-sized mollusks native to the Caspian Searegion of Asia. They have three life stages: larval, juvenile, and adult. Inthe larval stage, the mussels live freely in the water column, where they canbe easily transported. Adult zebra mussels can stay alive for several daysoutside of water and commonly attach to boats, fishing equipment and aquariumplants.

In spite of their small size, zebra mussels clog pipelines used for waterfiltration, render beaches unusable, and damage boats. They also negativelyimpact aquatic ecosystems by harming native organisms.

Specifically identified in a report from the U.S. Geological SurveyNonindigenous Aquatic Species a release from the Oregon Department of Fish andWildlife and a press release from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, PIJACurges you to take immediate action to inspect your fish tanks and take actionas necessary.

For more information on invasive species prevention and making wise petchoices to protect the environment, go to:

  • StopAquaticHitchhikers.org
  • Habittatitude.net

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