According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • There is no reason to think that any animals including pets in the United States might be a source of infection with this new coronavirus.
  • To date, CDC has not received any reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19.
  • At this time, there is no evidence that companion animals including pets can spread COVID-19. However, since animals can spread other diseases to people, it’s always a good idea to wash your hands after being around animals.
  • For more information, read the CDC’s FAQ on COVID-19 and animals
  • Additional information on staying safe and healthy around animals including pets, livestock, and wildlife: CDC’s Healthy Pets, Healthy People website.

Protection and Prevention

  • To help protect yourself and others from COVID-19, follow these guidelines from the CDC, and ensure your family members and your employees follow as well: Steps to Prevent Illness
  • Frequently asked questions on COVID-19 from CDC: COVID-19 FAQs
  • Here is information from the WHO, including videos and downloadable infographics to share via email or on social media: Coronavirus Disease Advice for the Public
  • You may be preparing yourself and your family for a period of social distancing or quarantine. Make sure to also include your pets in your planning, including having a two-week supply of pet food and pet medicines available: Pet Disaster Preparedness Kit


  • It’s important to communicate to your customers what measures your business is taking to protect both human and animal health. It can be as simple as an email, signs posted on your front door, or an announcement on social media. Whether it be increased sanitization practices, mandatory employee training on appropriate hygiene, and/or curtailing travel, it is critical that anyone who interacts with your business be informed that you are responsible and taking action.

We also encourage you to slow the spread of misinformation by sharing thefacts about animals, COVID-19 and how the disease can spread by referring tothe information available on CDC’s website here or with this infographic fromWHO.

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