The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) has rebranded to the PetAdvocacy Network, unveiling a new logo and website at its 50 th anniversarycelebration.

The rebranding reflects the evolution of the US-based association over thepast 50 years as the legislative and regulatory voice of the responsible petcare community.

Mike Bober, President and CEO, Pet Advocacy Network, said the new nameembodies who the association is, what it is they do, and the reasons of whythey do it.

“This new name purposefully aligns with our role as a connector for theresponsible pet care community to lawmakers, governing bodies and coalitionsin the US and worldwide advocating for the wellbeing of pets and the value ofanimal companionship,” he said.

Research for the Pet Advocacy Network’s rebranding efforts started in early2021 with a comprehensive communications audit, interviews with keystakeholders, and a survey of select pet care community audiences.

“The name PIJAC served us well for our first 50 years, but it was apparentafter the research was conducted that it was time to make a change for thefuture,” said John Mack III, Pet Advocacy Network board chair and founder andCEO of Reptiles by Mack in Xenia, Ohio.

Pet Advocacy Network’s new logo was designed with intentional symbolism. Thebrand colours were chosen to represent the different environments where theanimals that become beloved pets live and are arranged in a way thatcorresponds with each environment, with light blue representing air, greenrepresenting land and dark blue representing the sea.

The logomark was constructed to represent a stylised animal face, suggestingeyes, a nose, ears and whiskers. The individual sections of the logo markresemble hearts, birds, or ornamental fish.

In addition to its new name and logo, the Pet Advocacy Network unveiled itsnew website, Visitors to the site will see a refreshed,modern design and streamlined navigation.

The pet care community will appreciate a more efficient member registrationand donation process and an easy-to-navigate library of expert-backedresources including animal care guides and retailer best management practices.Additional website features include an updated advocacy section to view stateand federal legislation and local ordinances that the Pet Advocacy Network istracking.

The Pet Advocacy Network continuously monitors information sources to learnabout proposed government bills and actions that could help or harm theirmembers’ businesses, and acts, as needed, to advance or stop prospectivelegislation or regulations before they become law. This work is especiallycrucial as the percentage of US households containing at least one petcontinues to rise while legislative and regulatory challenges to restrictopportunities for pet ownership or impede access to pet care products andservices intensify.

The Pet Advocacy Network kicked off its year-long 50th anniversary celebrationin December 2021 with a series of social media posts depicting 50 memorablemoments from the organisation’s history of positive pet and pet careadvancements.

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